Back from Sarawak!

Back in Kuala Lumpur!!

Alex’s parents were helpful. They packed our stuff, organized everything and bought us many things.

Sarawak was fun. It was a huge eye opener.

I came back darker and fatter. Alex’s parents kept on forcing us to eat. Yesterday, I ate from 1PM to 9PM, NON STOP!!

So now, all I can say is, I went to Sarawak, came back with gifts, new experiences and a big belly.


Kelabit – a traditional native ear lobe piercing expansion

blowpipe – also known as sumpit, used as a hunting tool

huge pineapples – ONLY RM3 PER PIECE! VALUE!!

tuak – home made rice wine, very lethal, PREPARE TO DIE HEN AND IVN!!

7 thoughts on “Back from Sarawak!”

  1. fann: yeah wo. its normal ler, my friend even brought back 6kgs worht of fishes! heeh sarah: habis liao keke see ler, ask u coem fetch me dowan ehheh YUMMIE : share? u come back kl early then can share la, selina: really ah..its not for me, its for the bday boys! hehe

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