Back in KL

The journey back home was bumpy at first but went smoothly after that. I woke up about 7am, took a shower, had my last Tapton hall breakfast, took a picture with my German friend yada yada and left Tapton @ 9am. After travelling 50miles/30 minutes, Chuo Ming suddenly realised he left his passport and ticket in his room. We had to make a u-turn back to Sheffield! The taxi driver charged Chuo Ming an extra 21 pounds.
We were almost late for the flight. We ended up in the wrong terminal and arrived at the check in counter half an hour before departure. However, Frederick and I got very good seats. We got the seat where there are no seats in front of us and therefore we had plenty of leg space. Furthermore, I got the window seat! On the other hand, Chuo Ming was pretty unlucky. The staff at the check in counter couldn’t give him a seat due to some technical problem. He had to wait till everyone to be seated then only he will be given a seat. < After 12 hours, we finally arrive in Kuala Lumpur! We charged to the duty free section. Eng keat bought about 6 bottles of Absolute Vodka and 6 cartons of cigarettes. He managed to smuggle out everything alone. My parents were waiting outside the arrival gate. My mum didn’t change much but it seems that my dad’s face has shown the signs of ageing (he’s 57 this year) We headed to a hawker centre for breakfast. boy, it’s been months since I’ve seen so many flies around! I had nasi lemak and hours later I had mild diarrhea. uuuhhh I had my car fixed today. The workshop replaced one of my compartments and charged me RM220 for it. uhhh, However, they treated me durian in return. hehe. While waiting for my car to be fixed, I went for a haircut. The hairdresser was giving me loads of shit about my hair. She said that it’s a total mess! Furthermore, she was giving me loads of philosophical shits about life and friendship. But she was right on couple of things, she enlightened me in some sense. I had lunch at Golden Sky kopitiam (restaurant). The people there knew me ever since I was in primary school. They were pretty nice to me, I was showered with praises (for no reasons) and the boss treated me Chinese tea. hehe And after that, I had a nap from 2pm to 7pm. And for dinner, my parents, one of my tenants, Soon Yen and I had dinner @ our usual family dinner place. I ordered my good old sweet and sour pork. I requested for grin onions just like the one I had in mei’s during Frank’s birthday but it seems that they chopped them into small pieces instead. Grrr, doesnt taste so good. I had a yamcha(drinking) session with my irc friends @ Steven's corner, namely the #nofear bunch. Dion gave me a bottle of maple syrup he got from Canada. cheers mate!