Bad Day @ Sheffield

Bad start. I lost my entire luggage that I left in Watson 16. They changed the locks in Watson 16 and no one lives there now. I called Robert Neal, our agent, to access the house. Instead, I got scolded. He warned me not to call him anymore and literally called us sick fucks. He slammed down the phone. I was furious. I called him back. I said, ‘Robert Neal, you are illegally obtaining my property, I will bring legal action against you.’ Unexpectedly, He laughed. I was absolutely furious. I slammed down the food and said, ‘siew lan ah siew!’. Few minutes later, he text me and said,

‘Read your contract. Study landlord-tenant law. We will inform the police of the sick perverted material that was found in the property’.
I was puzzled. What perverted material? I replied perverted materials are not against the law and owning one is not against the law.
However, he replied, ‘Perverted material that shows pictures be dead/raped children is bad v.bad’ I was puzzled again. Was it one of Frederick’s sick books again?
I replied, ‘I don’t know where you come out with all those things. As I already said, I moved out from the house a month ago. I have nothing to do with the mess they created’.
He then replied, ‘We no longer own the house. Deal with pc properties on ecclesall road. I think the cleaners dumped everything as the place was infested due to rotten food in kitchen I realize it would be impossible to prove. The material was in the front basement room. There is nothing in the house. The new tenants have the keys.’
I almost gave up. My clothes, my books and my precious sentimental valued gifts from my friends. But on the brighter side, without those things, I could save money from transporting my luggage back. However, when Wen Dee got home. I told her about the incident. At first she was pissed too but soon she realized that the sick material was her Forensic Medicine textbook (Forensic Medicine is a subject taught by our university about methods of investigation on dead bodies hence it has loads of pictures of dead bodies)!
I immediately told Robert Neal and asked him nicely whom can I contact in order to get my luggage back. However, he replied, ‘Call it what you want. All were disgusted. Maybe one day you will see the big picture of what you did. Please don’t call. Good luck 4 the future’.
My last message was, ‘If you’re uneducated enough to read the front cover of the book, so be it. I don’t blame you for your stupidity. I will seek help from the authority to get my luggage back’. I bet he had fumes out from head. Haha.

Another bad start as my day started off badly. Dad was stranded somewhere in Sheffield because the taxi driver didn’t bring him to the exact location of the hotel. Then, I had to rush out from the house to find him but since it’s a Sunday morning, there weren’t any taxis around. Furthermore, I found out that my right contact lens dried up cause the solution leaked out from the storage.
However, I got thru all of those obstacles. I called a cab from my house, wore my glasses and called Jackie, the owner of the hotel where my dad will be staying. Jackie offered to find my dad for me and she did in the end.

Apparently, the hotel, Southfields, was rather obscure. The driveway to the hotel was very dodgy, filled with overgrown weed. Therefore, the taxi driver didn’t want to drive in and dumped my dad on the driveway entrance. He walked into the driveway and found an entrance to the hotel. He didn’t dare to enter cause he thought it’s somebody’s private home and left the place to seek help.
However, since it’s a Sunday morning, no one was around. He had to call me for help. Even though Southfields Hotel looked dodgy from the outside. The interior was beautifully decorated. It resembles a grand English home. According to Jackie, it used to be her matrimonial home but after her husband left her for her best friend and she lost her job, she had to do something about it. Hence she turned the house into a bed and breakfast hotel. Dad’s room was very nice. It was decorated with typical English furniture and even has a teddy bear placed on top of the bed. Furthermore, she decorated the living room area with her collection of souvenirs she got from the countries she visited.

Apparently, she used to work with British Midlands and got to travel frequently.

I’m heading to London tomorrow morning. See you guys on Wednesday 😀

16 thoughts on “Bad Day @ Sheffield”

  1. cheng leong, what do you mean one of the sick books of mine ? i have 2 hong kong porn books, 1 top 20 playboys mate. nothing sicker than whats in your hard drive.

  2. Were you still paying rent while your luggage was in the property? If you were, they really had no right to just dump your stuffs out, isn’t it? *tsk**tsk* They don’t know who they are messing with, eh? Mr. Xes – the future lawyer!

  3. which abby u refering to in previous posts?? if u talkin bout the abby lives in old klang road, i think i saw someone look like her in bkt jalil club this evening

  4. Quote “I was absolutely furious. I slammed down the food and said, “siew lan ah siew”. “Anyone noticed he slammed down the food?

  5. fred u sure? 😀 kekekejo5: 😡 yu ann kekekeke, gavin: ahahaha i didnt notice that too. maybe i was too hungry that timebottom line is..he is a disgrace to englishmen.

  6. robert neal is a sor haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yuann paid rent alraedeh. apparently they complained that we made a mess out of the house. the kicthen was super dirty and they threw all the appliances inside (ie toaster, microwave and blender) i’m off to the place to see whether i coudl stil ltake my stuff tomorrow. 😀 wish me luck!

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