Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

First and foremost, I must thank Mr. Ma, one of the owners of Balcony, for the sponsoring us to Miri. Mr. Ma sponsored our air tickets, lodging and food!

I must also thank Kian and Shan Mei for bringing us around. Further, thank you Joanna, Rin, Hence (don’t know whether I got his name correct), Darren, Kynan and puhyah for their great hospitality. Also a big shout out to those people I met in Miri!

Balcony is one of the great clubs in Miri. It’s not the typical fengtau clubs. Mr. Ma has put a lot of effort trying to improve Balcony club to be on par with clubs in Kuala Lumpur. Their music ranges from Progressive House to Trance. Unfortunately, no Hard House for me.

Balcony has a few private rooms where patrons are able to sing their hearts out using their karaoke machines. Joanna booked a room and gathered her group of friends to celebrate her birthday. As expected, the birthday girl was drunk and couldn’t remember a lot of things. She even missed the best part, where the entire club sang Happy Birthday to her!

Drunk Birthday girl, Joanna & Drunk Me.

Balcony also has a great range of liquor as well. They even have Hoegaarden!!

Rin was the hustler of the night. Every 5 minutes he would come to me and say, “Let’s get some drinks mannnnn”. Rather than shuffling on the dance floor, Rin and I were drowning ourselves with alcohol. Darren, Rin and I shared a B-52 and then followed up with Hoegaarden. There goes my night, half drunk and half tired.

B-52..looks like Flaming Lambo..

Amos, Jordan and Ryan were the performing shufflers from KL. Those superstars were surrounded by Mirians. They were also joined by a few Mirian Shufflers.

I, on the other hand, was busy taking pictures. I don’t know how to shuffle 😀

They had a mini shuffling competition between Mirians, the winners were chosen by the clap-o-meter (or cheer-o-meter). The first round was won by a guy, beating 2 others which include a girl who shuffled with high heels. The second round was won by Joanna, beating few good shufflers. She said, “Bloody hell, I won cause it’s my birthday!!”. They both won a bottle of Dewars each.

Silky Blonde Hair..where to find??

Puhyah, me, Rin, Kyran and Darren

We were given this shirt to wear. I forgot to wear it..

Hence & Darren. Damn..Hence is damn bloody fair

Finally, Miri girls!

We left Balcony about 3am. Rin, Darren, Kynan, Hence, Amos and I headed to Open Air Market for fried noodles. THE FRIED NOODLES TASTED LIKE DUCK!!!
to be continued…

22 thoughts on “Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak”

  1. Rining: Shit dude, the babes are pretty eh!! Why nobody introduce to me?
    Rining, Hence, and me was high that night! and our friend puke in Kynan’s car!!! hahaha!!

  2. amos: hehe stoom was too busy to intro u to any chicks eh ? eheh. who puked?
    xes: i couldn’t even remember the noodles tasted like duck hehe

    damnit man, i never realised that hansley was so fair.

  4. chanok: oh yeah i forgot about up2you raid!!
    Darren: stoom didnt intro man.. kynan and rin just grabbed the bar girls to take pics. i tumpang glamer saja.
    amos: ahaha u were busy hunting papayas on the dance floor. too bad they were hiding in the bar.

  5. fcuking shittt… damnn.. thats one hot babes mann.. hahahahaha… heyy.. when is the next event at balcony? hahaha…fuhh.. boobies O_O!!! woottt wotttttt

  6. xes: no i did not hunt papayas that night! can’t even find 1!
    kynan: i still remember, kian was so afraid that he drive his car to the other side..
    pakap: the nx event for balcony might be on christmas eve…

  7. amos: wei, miri dont breed many lesbos ler hehe.. all gals chun n u just had to say no haha!
    btw, YAY someone said im cute haha 🙂 hope its some chick hehehe..
    xes: wei monday i come kl liao. whats the plans lar?

  8. LOL!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIN IS CUTE!!!! AHAHAHAHA.
    Rin: Starwing is my cousin…MALE COUSIN HAHAHAHAHA
    honfaai: they have it @ duetches bierhouse
    chanok: u lucky bastard!! no la didnt take bloody dark man
    chzehong: i think xmas eve they’re having some event. probably can fly there man!
    glo: YES. TEH HOTZ
    Ben: pushed up boobies…..err.. dont play play wei, gangster punya gf haha
    PaKaP: those guys wanted to promote miri girls, so they grabbed those bar girls to take pictures keke

  9. amos: hey s2pid what what what no girls in balcony that night.. IM NOT CONSIDERED A GIRL MEH?!!!?!?!?!??! U SAYING I NOT HOT LAAAAAAAA? hahahaa 😛 eh thanks man for that night sending us home from Channel.. so embarassed have to let u see me so high and wasted and lost.. my God just like some ah lian.. hehehehehhehe.. oh ya.. another s2pid for u again for not wanting to join us at Thai Club.. but it was damn boring man no hot chicks one and so many old men!
    xes: FFK KING! s2pid u.

  10. Joanna: hey don;t call me stupid lar! you told me you have guy hormone stuck in a girls body mar! it’s ok sending u back from Channel, but i wanna say u stupid for not sharing your stuff with me! Another stupid for you, thai club sucks to the max!!! What for go there?

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