Bali, Indonesia: 2008: Food

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try many of local their local cuisine e.g. babi guling and “dirty duck”. We were stuck in Hard Cock Hotel eating western food most of the time. Fortunately, one our first night, we managed to try something different.

Check out how they serve the fish.

It didn’t taste good though.

I managed to try the well known “teh botol” and “teh kotak” which literally mean “Bottled Tea” and “Boxed Tea” respectively. Teh botol looks like Coca-cola from far. By the way, both tasted sweet.

Lastly, spotted this when I was in convenient shop. I got scolded by the cashier for taking a picture πŸ˜›

It’s kinda rare to find fruits and wine being sold in a convenient shop in Malaysia!

3 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia: 2008: Food”

  1. looks like they use some small bomb to catch that fish…what sort of bursting.. pattern.. presentation. Interesting tho.

  2. what u got scolded? you should scold that bugger back! hahaha, presentation of the fish looks nice but too bad since it did not taste nice.

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