Bandung, Indonesia: Shopping – Part II

On our last day, Hari brought us to this place by the name Jeans Street. The street is filled with all sorts of giant models such as Batman, Tarzan, Spiderman, Batwoman, Ultraman and even Arnold Swadontknowhowyouspellgger.

I really wonder how these people get away with using all these characters in their shops.
Speaking about jeans, I bought a pair of jeans from Toko Tiga, a well know boutique that sells Levi’s jeans. Toko Tiga alters your jeans for free if you buy it from them. However, as I was about to send my jeans for alteration, I got kicked out from the shop because they had to close for the workers to break fast. -__-

One chap who had his jeans altered halfway had to wait for an hour because the tailor had to break fast. -_-

Got kicked out..

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