Bangkok tonight!

what’s in bangkok? why are you going there? for vacation? and for 5 days only? wow! that’s fast.. okei.. i have way too many q’s already.. see yah!

Posted by yen @ 07/11/2002 12:17 AM CST

hey yen! I’m going on a package tour, thats why it’s only 5 days. However, to be exact, it’s only 3 days! It’s due to the fact that i’m leaving Thursday night for Bangkok and Monday morning back to KL! I guess we wont have anything to do once we reach Bangkok tonight because most of the places are closed (except for Pat Pong, thats the Red Light District of Bangkok). Here are some of the recommended places to visit in Bangkok.
Wat Poh (temple)
Wat Arun (temple)
Emerald Buddha
Grand Palace
Jim Thompson’s house
Siam Square
National museum
Lumpini Boxing Stadium for Muay Thai
Snake Farm
Patpong – Red Light district and night market
Nana Entertainment
Pat Klong market aka Floating Market
Erawan Shrine
Chatukchak Market
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  1. hi xes! thailand is such a lovely place. i have so many childhood memories there. i remember when i was 10 years old, my family and i went to patpong cuz we were meeting a family friend for dinner at the sheraton hotel. while we were walking around looking for the hotel, my parents had to distract my sister and i so that we wouldn’t be too cursious why there were so many girls in skimpy outfits and night clubs with very dim lights. tee hee. you should try their food too! boy they’re good. VERY good 🙂

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