#Bangsar IRC

Few days ago, while flipping through my old books, I found a newspaper article about an IRC Channel by the name #Bangsar. It was dated 7 January 1997.

Ah, It reminds me of the days when I first started IRC. I was 15 years old that time. Communicating with girls was like trying to communicate with aliens from outer space.
There was once a girl messaged me via IRC.
Girl: Hi! Where from!?
Me: KL. How about you? How old are you?
Girl: Oh! I’m from PJ! I’m 16 πŸ™‚
Then it went on for a while. She kept on asking questions about me…she sounds like she’s interested..
Girl: hey! do you have a picture of yourself!
Me: mmm yes! ok wait!
/me sends a picture to the girl.
Girl: WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!?!?!?!?
I felt really bad after sending her the picture.
The picture I sent was a picture of a girl….
eating shit… tee hee hee….
If the said Girl is reading this post now, I sincerly apologize for what I’ve done!!

24 thoughts on “#Bangsar IRC”

  1. xes: due to some inconveniences, i missed out on
    the Revelation. gave the ticket to a friend
    of mine instead. missed out on meeting you
    for the first time too. what a pity.

  2. King: ehe, that picture was widely circulated that time. i was a victim of a prank too..keek
    honfaai: hehe age/sex/location? 24/yes please/anywhere!

  3. xes :wah wah wah.. you have very amuzing fetish for girls! tsk tsk… the worst i would do is just send gay porn..ha ha ha.I did that once and my IP got banned!

  4. Darren: quite nasty…cause u can see the shit flowing out from the other girl’s ass..into the girl’s mouth .. EUW!!
    puhyah: ahha welcome to the club for sick people mate keke
    tube: aiyoh, thats not me. thats me when I was 15!! i’m fine. how are u ?still in canada?

  5. After that pic, I didn’t eat for a week after that. Lost 10 kilos. Blessing in disguise. But farking disgusting ler. KNN.

  6. u all still chatting IRC ma?
    I quit IRC dinosaur ages ago..hahahahahahaha..
    but bangsar was quite a happening channel la…back then.was about 13 i think…

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