Barbie dolls available

I was rushing around the supermarket for food and drinks to buy for my tiny party tonight and I actually saw this:

Heyyy, when did they start selling Barbie dolls at supermarket?? Twenty years ago, Barbie dolls were considered upper class toys which were only available at toy stores at a pretty steep price. Now that market is competitive, with the Bratz dolls more popular than Barbie, they’re not that expensive anymore.

Nor are they as nice as before.

7-Eleven is going to start selling emergency Barbie dolls, too, last I heard.

So where are you counting down tonight? ;P Have a happy new year 2007!
I haven’t finished with my new year resolutions yet, oops.

13 thoughts on “Barbie dolls available”

  1. happy new year~
    it sux being sick during this long weekend.
    hey xes, nice banner … homemade postcard? how come you rip off the VMY’07 logo? ehehe no legal implications for that? =ppPpPpP

  2. “I’am a barbie girl,
    in a barbie world,
    wrap in plastic,
    its fantastic.
    You can brush my hair,
    undress me everywhere…”
    Wish everyone a successful, fun and exciting 2007.

  3. Bimbobum: One of them is probably working at mcdonalds, other one as a street performer and the other one at a supermarket.
    Barbie is HOT …LOL

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