Loads of thing happened today. I went shopping @ the city and bought couple of stuff to bring back home, namely 2 tshirts from GAP for 10 pounds each (it’s one of the cheapest price you could get!).
There’s this antique shop closing down @ Broomhill today and apparently they’re selling everything @ 40% discount. My friends and I rushed all the way from the city just to check what’s available. However, it seems that all the good shits are all taken. bah
Later in the evening, I went to this bbq @ Olaide’s place, some big shot student union officer. My friends and I, namely the MASSOC committee was the first bunch who arrived (surprisingly, cause most Malaysians are always late). We loiter around, talking and drinking soft drinks while waiting for the guys to fix the bbq pit. oh boy, they took few hours just to assemble a bbq pit. Hours later, they managed to cook couple of really good half burned chicken. Olaidi got some guy running around with a video cam and he was basically interviewing everyone in the party. There were loads of people who attended, ranging from Africans, Malaysians, British, Pakistanis, Indians, Hongkies, etc (Olaide is an African btw). Great party.

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