Berlin, Germany – Day 1, Part I

The weather in Berlin was quite cooling. We had no problem walking around without a jacket.
We’re currently staying in Concorde Hotel, a hotel in the city centre. Our room is very nice but entertainment is lacking. We can use our television to surf the net, watch blockbusters and even watch porn. Unfortunately, we have to pay for it.

We arrived on Friday morning. Our appointments and meeting doesn’t start until Saturday hence we went around the city for sightseeing by hopping on a tourist bus that brought us to various parts of the town. We went to famous places like Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburger Tor, the Memorial Church. The bus stops at every well known places and we could get out to check out the place and thereafter catch the later bus to the next destination. The cost is around 15 Euro to 20 Euro.

Unfortunately, as Berlin is 6 hours behind Malaysia, by 4pm, we were very tired. We had to hang on until 9pm to make sure that our body clock is well adjusted.
We had dinner at one nice Italian restaurant near our office. We had one meal which started off with huge block of cheese being set on fire. The melted cheese is then mixed with spaghetti. Thereafter, it was topped with truffles. The best part is that the whole process was done infront of us. Will post pictures when I get back.

8 thoughts on “Berlin, Germany – Day 1, Part I”

  1. what are you doing in berlin?
    anyway do you know that if you watch the video channel in holland, the weather-girl takes off her clothes as she reports?

  2. insomnia: no la..didnt watch it!!
    efly: forum got a little i reset everything and hope that people would start posting again keke
    chikhan: not with office $$ la kekek
    Darren: its yummmy! ill post up the picture for
    u..maybe u can try the same in msia.
    kink: fapfap
    cm: i was attending an international IP conference. dun remember seeing any naked weather girl when i was in the Netherlands keke

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