Birmingham car show

Hallo peoplee…today I will show you my car..very powerful one..i took these pictures while my car was on display @ a motorshow in Birmingham, England.

The guai lous looked in awe and some of them were drooling at my car..hoohohohoh

See missles next to it.. if anyone pisses me off on the road ah, i’ll fire one on their backside..confirm

The green car is mine, the pink one belongs to my mistress..while the grey one, that one i let my dog drive la

10 thoughts on “Birmingham car show”

  1. I’m not fantastically impressed your car can shoot missle and have gadgets. I AM however impressed your dog can drive car. Quite canggih 😀

  2. *slap* wake up lar!!!! Even tho if those cars is yours, find me a dog which drive car!!!! and I’ll be your servant for de rest of my life…..make sure its a real dog and it’s your own dog!!!!!

  3. Well, must thank u for purchasing those cars from me…. at least the dosh u paid me chipped in to my purchase of an island 😉

  4. woof wooffff, thanks a bunch, master CL, love the missiles completely, comes in handy when i wanna impress the bitches..*ruufff*

  5. wolfx: u want my car isitt..gif u laa.. i still got my porsche at homecm: girls? got la..cfm face somemore..butthen they’re malaysians 😀 tori: it’s a pleasure.. i stillneed to buy another one for my catpenispup: huh..insult somemore, dont let me see u on the road, i’ll shoot my missles at uirenekay: my dog can post comment also u whe nu wanna wash toilet for me?doggy: good dog /me pats doggy

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