Bits of Facial Hair

Not many Chinese man have or can have bushy or “prosperous” facial hair, be it a goatee or a beard or a mustache. A friend of mine can only name George Lam as one of the few Chinese men with a thick mustache. I don’t know any other Chinese men with mustaches, besides my grandfather.

A chin beard, or a goatee can be neat on some men. I don’t think it’s an easy job to keep it trimmed neat!

It could turn out like this.
Which I find utterly disgusting. I don’t want no man with this goatee kissing me. Ugh!
(I think it looks like a nest.)

More often, I see Chinese men (or boys) sporting this, which I find equally a turn off. Ugh!
What’s that? A desperate attempt to grow a goatee or a beard? How can 10 strands of hair equal a goatee?
(Brother tried this and I just recoiled in disgust. It just makes a man look unkempt, that’s what I think!)
NB. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. I couldn’t take pictures of my friends’ goatees, beards or mustaches for fear or offending them. ;D

7 thoughts on “Bits of Facial Hair”

  1. a goatee is definitely not an easy job to keep it neat!
    for me i got a chin beard (trimmed short), and massive side burns! mwaahahahohohuhuhehehihi!!

  2. chuoming: depends on the individual……… and partner(s)?
    electronicfly: don’t forget some got hairy backs, too!
    xes: i bet he enjoys running his fingers through his partner’s chest hair! ehehehe
    rych: especially his bum
    baburs: ahahaha yeah lah, i know lah! ooooh….. 😉

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