Blame the mechanic?

My friend’s car was hit by a college student the other day, denting his boot and bumper. The college student offered to pay for the damage (his car was damaged as well) because he didn’t want it reported. So off they went to some ridiculous place in subang, damn far in….. you know, right after subang airport? that area la. forever traffic jam, too.
I had to drive him there to pick up his car, but it wasn’t ready yet. He was pretty worried about the payment. What if the student ran off and did not pay for his? What happens? What if the mechanic claims to have no knowledge of the arrangement?
My friend had a note signed by the college student, stating that he was to pay for the damages to my friend’s car, absolving my friend from liability of payment due to the mechanic. The mechanic signed the note as a witness.
But what if the student really ran off after collecting his car, and the mechanic refuse to release my friend’s car to him, without payment?
I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen when we arrived at the workshop, because it would really complicate things. Thankfully, the student’s car was still not done, and my friend manage to take his car without any fuss. The mechanic took a copy of the note, probably to show it to student and demand payment for both car repairs. ;P
Let’s say the student ran off without paying for my friend’s car repairs, obviously the mechanic wouldn’t release my friend’s car, right? He would want to hold it as a security for the ‘debt’ owing. But my friend would argue that he knew of the arrangement (based on the note) so it’d be his fault for releasing the student’s car first. But if both remained stubborn, who would actually be in the right?
If it were me, obviously i would blame the mechanic! ;P
Anyway, we had dinner at one of the seafood restaurants within walking distance. Suddenly we felt like eating crabs, but bloody hell, i didn’t know it was that expensive! 2 sri lankan crabs and 1 vege dish = RM116.00 and i almost fainted.
But the cheesy garlic crab dish was nice. ;P
Had to bring the leftovers home because we couldn’t finish it.

all mine!

17 thoughts on “Blame the mechanic?”

  1. for once, not a b/g relationship post. haha!
    e crab looks damn nice man! some more i love cheese. ahhhh………
    u nvr tell why e college student damage ur fren’s car n got his car damaged too? weird. it sounds veli weird n not related.

  2. ops, sorry. accident on the road! ehehe. the student bang my friend’s car from the back.
    erm, you thought what? the mechanic became 3rd party and stole someone’s gf? hehehehe. ;P

  3. bimbo: ah, it is clear now. i thought tis college student is some gangster hitting his car. then another bigger gang’s gangster hitting e college student’s car becoz ur fren hired them.
    too drama. but then again, ur story of stealing someone else’ gf can onli b thought by u! haha!

  4. OH YUMMMM! I love crabs!
    Too bad I can’t have too much of them,
    or I’ll be scratching myself all night long!
    They look absolutely delicious though! 🙂

  5. jesus christ!you girls coudln’t even finish 2 sri longkang crabs?
    thats 2! not a dozen. whoever is your bf sure is happy lah,save money on food.

  6. peggy: ooooh thanks. ehehe…. i wonder the seafood there fresh or not tho. and come from where ;P
    diehardx: u said b/g r-ship what? ;P mebbe got some story out there bout mechanic fall in love with customer’s gf or something…
    Mei: aiks. allergy to shellfish?
    rych: my fren was a guy la. so lousy hor? hehe.
    wah, everyone is more engrossed with the crab. ;P
    p.s. xes & frank: give la some legal advice. ;P

  7. Bimbo: seems like you switch from relationship post to food post (??) hehehe
    wonder what inspire the change 😛
    the crab looks yummy, btw

  8. yea, their seafood is pretty well known…i guess now it’s more towards Telok Gong at Klang..
    im not sure, but i go there sometimes if i m ever back in Malaysia…
    it’s assured..

  9. not food again..nyum!!
    wait..tats where my gf’s hse is! telok gong keke XD..damn hungry again..
    but shit..have to work for street party at the curve..anyone there call me la

  10. chaliz: aunt agony also won’t have agony(ies) to respond to daily, right? hehe. jk. the crab was good ;P
    peggy: aiks. telok gong??? erm, no food poisoning, so i guess it was safe 😉
    AvalonDevil: woo… i hope italy beats france!

  11. Why of all the places.. must go to Kg. Subang? Is the w/shop next to a furniture shop? Bengkel Sun Weng Seng?
    How many kilos of crab you all ordered ??

  12. i dunno how many kilos wor. 2 biji crabs only. i dunno the name of workshop. don’t think it was next to a furniture shop.
    aiyo, peak hour, like 7pm i thought might as well eat first before leaving that place la. i cannot stand being hungry in a traffic jam!

  13. endroo G: i dunno la. apparently imported wor.
    wolfx: aHahAHAHa. that is so sad. ya ya, i ‘kau’ the mechanic to eat crab with us. of cos not. ;P

  14. Those crabs… Sri Lankan crabs…. 1 of them can easily be 2 kg and maybe there you ate about 4 kg of them and 1 kg normally they will charge RM25-28 depending the place you eat.

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