Blogging survey

My buddy, Diehardz aka ah niel Hii needs your help to fill in a survey form on a study on ethics and blogging. The purpose of the study is to:-
“examine the growing phenomenon of blogging and how the authors of weblogs apply ethical guidelines when writing their weblogs.”
If you free and you are bored please spend a minute or two to fill up the survey form HERE
The 3 lucky person will win S$50 (RM200++)!
If you are nice to me, i might consider asking my friend to choose you to be the lucky winner. =P
Disclaimer: This study is conducted by an undergraduate student from NUS, Singapore. The owner and his fellow bloggers on has no connection and whatsoever with the said student. Read the disclaimer on the survey form carefully before you decided to disclose any private information. shall not be held responsible for any damages and whatsoever suffered by the anyone who undertake the survey.

10 thoughts on “Blogging survey”

  1. No offence, but i think this survey was rather poorly done.
    To begin with, it’s far too long. Questions are hardly insightful, and most questions are just too….similar. I think i’ve answered about 5 different questions, asking for the same thing, worded differently.
    Too many mental notes i made, cant remember them all *sigh* only on number 40.

  2. I tried to do it, but it made me repeat myself so many times i got irritated.
    Then again, they might have wanted to check the accuracy of my previous statements.
    Still. Bleh. Forget it.

  3. soli guys, i complained myself 4 e bloody long survey. e longest i ever done, but it was 4 my friend who is doing something related 2 mass media in ntu. u can forget it if u run out of patience. it is purely voluntary.10s again!

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