Boston – Part I

After spending 4 days in NYC, I finally arrived in Boston to do what I was supposed to do in the United States. I was there a day early hence I had a little time to roam around the place before my 5-day conference. I knew that I wouldn’t have chance to roam around Boston during my conference. A minute rest is a minute wasted in such conference. If my body could function non stop, I would love to be in the conference non stop!

I stayed in Hilton Hotel which is nearby the well known Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall. Almost every morning my colleagues and I will walk to the market for breakfast. These two buildings are now tourist attractions and primarily serve food and beverages.

In Quincy Market , there is a foyer where patrons can sit down to have their meal.

Clamp chowder is popular in Boston. However, Quincy Market only serves mediocre clam chowder.

There is also a Cheers pub. If you are born before the 90s, you will probably remember the US Sitcom Cheers. Quincy Market hosts a replica of the bar. The actual bar is located at Beacon Hill, not too far away from Quincy Market.

The Old State House Museum is a street away from Faneuil Hall. This is claimed to be the oldest surviving public building in Boston. Build in the 1700s, this building is surrounded by skyscrapers.

Just a few steps away, there is a small cobblestone ring to commemorate the Boston Massacre

To be continued..

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