Khai Fei’s Birthday 2002

We had a little birthday celebration for Khai Fei at Fridays. About 15 of us, took a 15 minutes cab ride to Thank God It’s Fridays just to celebrate Khai Fei’s 21st birthday. The food is outrageously expensive but their drinks were good. I had this 12 oz steak, which I ordered medium rare. Chi Der ordered the same thing too but he wanted it rare. After the food is served and while we were happily eating it, we found out that our steaks has been mixed up. One of my steaks is rare while Chii Der’s other half was medium rare.

We made Khai Fei drank a lot. Frederick bought him a bottle of Champagne and Yong Chun and gang bought him a glass of vodka lime. As soon as we reached home, Charles made him few glasses of blue lagoon. We kept forcing him to drink more and soon, right after he had his last shot of vodka, he headed straight to the toilet to puke.

I had 2 pints of beer throughout the night and felt tipsy. My threshold is getting lower and lower. I don’t like the feeling of being too drunk. Happily drunk is just perfectly fine but it happens rarely, most of the time when I drink, I’ll be fucked.

There were many occasions I was too drunk. I ended up puking everywhere namely Bangsar Alley (very memorable drinking session, 3 of my friends and I drank too much till we had to puke in the alley) and toilet bowls (my usual spot).

I gave Khai Fei a burned CD with some movies and pictures on it. Janet and her housemates gave him a FCUK sweater. There were many birthday wishes via phone calls for Khai Fei. Anyway, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY SIEWKHAIBEI!
11:50PMnote to Ben: FUCK U!!

The braids on the back of my head are falling off. I’ll make a trip down to the Saloon tomorrow afternoon to get it fixed. I feel like removing it but hell no! i just paid 20 quid for it! It should last at least 2 weeks!