brutal mother

My mother is a petite 62-year-old woman who doesn’t speak English well and very protective of her plants. So this afternoon, while I was on my way to meet up with Wei Chen, Sui Lin, Cris and Jessie for lunch, there were 2 Indian men chopping her plants outside our house. Apparently, our neighbour ordered them to do so because those plants were blocking their parking space.

It’s not the first time they started killing plants. There’s a huge mango tree, which has been bearing fruits for us for the past 20 years, was poisoned by them. Our late neighbour who was some big shot Chinese tycoon planted the tree. Mum said he loved the tree very much. However, the tree is still there but the fruits are not edible due to the poison administrated.

The current neighbour operates a Pre-School which has 0 students cause they didn’t open in time. So back to the story, Mum walked out from the house and asked those 2 Indian men to stop. She then called our neighbour, a dark skinned woman and ordered her to stop. Mum said those trees belongs to her and it’s necessary for the trees to be there cause it keeps the ground in tact (some cock reason she always give but it works). The lady fought back saying that it’s her land and bla bla bla, the argument went on. And in the end, my mother, a petite 62-year-old woman who doesn’t speak English well ended the argument by shouting, “FUCK YOU!” and walked away.

Obviously, I was shocked.

Out with Sui Lin
Sui Lin and I headed to Sungai Wang and Lot 10 to do some shopping. Sui Lin wanted to shop. So called shopping, she didn’t buy a thing. She wanted to get a new pair of shoes but found out that most of the shoes in Sg Wang were imitation goods. I can’t believe they could add an extra stripe and replace the world Adidas with Sports on an Adidas look-alike shoe.

Ghost Festival
The air smells of burnt bank notes. Well, Hell bank notes. It’s the Chinese ghost festival today. Since my area is predominately Chinese, I could see people burning offerings to the dead in every corner. As usual, Mum and I burnt the offerings outside our house. I heard that once you start burning offerings, you have to do it next year otherwise the ghosts will look for you. 😀

Anyway, there’s pattern that we have to follow while burning those offerings. In the beginning, Mum scolded me for not following the pattern. Firstly, we had to perch the candles and joss stick, pour the food around and then start burning the hell bank notes and stuff.

Ok to end this post, a note to Ben, “Wanna go Genting or not??????????”

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  1. it’s all in the human mind, u are scared because your mind is scared. 🙂 be brave and when it comes u will handle it well.. or not.. hehehe

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