Call from agent

The last time I dealt with X, a sales agent of a local company, was one year ago.

Last week, out of a sudden, I received a call from him…

X: Mr. Fooooonngggggggggggggg…Hoowww aree youuuuuu??? Mr X from XX Companyyyy
Me: Mr. X goood.. how are you? so watsup?
X: Nothing laaaa.. just want to ask you how are things know la, times are badd nowww… call me if anything ok? ok?? ok????
Me: Er..ok

*tooot tooot tooot*

Is the economy that bad now?? Anyone feeling the pinch?

Anyone lost his/her jobs?? I know one local bank is looking for 80 – 100 relationship managers and a local boutique store is looking for a store manager. If you need more info, let me know.

And I think Astro’s Customer Service department should be looking for people..with the amount of abuse their staff get, I would have quit on my first day. Check out the video below.

Jeeva, I salute you!!

4 thoughts on “Call from agent”

  1. This is what will happen when every department never be nice to each other,
    yea this is what happened in Msia…

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