Cameron Highlands: T Cafe @ Tanah Rata

T-Cafe had been raved on the blogosphere as a good and cozy restaurant. T-cafe is located at Tanah Rata, just above Marry Brown restaurant.

Some parts of the cafe has loads of notes and letters from people all around the world thanking the owner for her good food and hospitality.

We were fortunate to be served by the owner. However, we got told off by her for putting our wet umbrellas on a side table. We were directed to put our wet umbrella into a rubbish bin instead.

There were also a few letters recommending T-cafe to the Lonely Planet. I’m not surprised with that as the restaurant had load of letters and awards being paraded.

We ordered chicken chop, lamb chop, scones including strawberry scones and tea.

Chicken and lamb chop came with a pot of gravy served separately. It was ok but would be better if we are given more gravy. Yut Kee’s chicken chop and Steven’s Corner lamb chop are so much better.

However, their strawberry scones were excellent. It was served warm with butter and whipped cream on the side. It was also not too dry.

Tea on the other was just so-so. I wonder what were the past visitors raving about this place. The food and drinks were mediocre. In fact, the Gardenia Butterscotch that we brought along tasted so much better.

If you’ve visited this place and had something good, please let me know so that I can try it the next time.

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  1. I think it wasn’t your day. When I was there a few months back, my friends and I had some strawberry cheese cake or something like that, can’t remember, and a few other desserts, lamb chop, and other stuff. Bottomline is, the were all good, and fhe lamb chop was so delicious.

    Thanks for this blog, by the way. Your sense of good fun and adventure brings you to places I wanna go to!

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