Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

View of Camp 5 – from outside

I finally climbed at the much anticipated Camp 5 rock climbing gym. The place was brand new hence the walls and handholds were rough.

However, getting there was a problem. Since Christmas is approaching, the queue to get into 1u shopping centre’s car park was few miles long. But we had a better idea. We parked at the housing estate and walked to the shopping centre.

Traffic Jam!!!

The Walls.

But since the walls are brand new, our limbs were prone to be scraped by the wall.

Wall for Lead Climbing (Lead Climbing – where you have to clip the rope on to the runners (clips that are attached to the wall)

There’s a huge indoor lead climb wall. I tried unclipping the rope from the runners. Wahlao, it was so bloody scary.

Bouldering Wall – climbing without ropes. Loads of power needed.

Powerful Men

Tight area to climb. The metal bar looks dangerous. I always have this image of myself falling on to the metal bar…landing between my legs on the bar!!
Other than the indoor lead climb wall, one should check out the auto belay device. It’s a small device fixed on top of the wall. All the climber needs to do is clip himself/herself on the rope connected to the small device and climb. In order to descend, all the climber needs to do is let his hands go and put his weight on the rope!

The Auto Belay Device

Hundreds of Handhold and Runner

Speaking about ropes, the ropes in the gym are dynamic ropes which means that the ropes will expand upon pressure. It’s not so good when belaying a heavy person. Cris crashed into me after he fell. He would have missed me if the rope didn’t expand!
As for the routes, they have many types of routes but many of them are not for beginners.

However, such state of the art climbing gym comes with a heavy price. The entrance fee for adult is RM22. Rental for shoes and harness is RM7 and RM5 respectively.

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15 thoughts on “Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama”

  1. waaaaaaaaah…. the lead climbing wall is so high~~~ scary man… ballz oso shrink… and somemore u imagine urself landing on those bar between ur legs… hahahahaa *shudder*

  2. pikey: mine shrunk on sunday already. this sunday must shrink again
    Amos: i love rock climbing too. i bought shoes and gear for it. its just like shufflers and their phat pants. hehe
    electronicfly: ummmm there’s one which has a hole shaped like a heart 😀
    yvonne: the atmosphere was good that day cause the summit gang was there 😀

  3. Really?? Too easy for you?? Sure??
    Btw, I think I’ll only resume climbing in January after all my Christmas and New Year events are over.
    I heard the atmosphere there sucks. Not just quite but the people are stuck up. I don’t know la. Hearsay.
    But the walls are super rough. Confirm shoe die. But the walls look juicy. Can’t wait to climb it.

  4. miracle: ya ya, quite stuck up. my fren and i checked out the place, decided not to climb there, and went through all the trouble to go to summit to climb. [but thanks to xes la, last min change plan never tell me.]
    and it’s warm with the sun shining through the glass, if you’re there climbing at, like noon. ;P
    xes: too easy for u? haven’t even seen u finished climbing most of the routes in summit also. hehehe. *bish*

  5. ok that wasnt me. i didnt post that. some lamer used my nick.
    miracle: bluff ler. im sure you’re going to ffk us. hehe
    yvonne: thats because u’re busy looking at guys while i’m climbing wahahaa

  6. Haha…from the back i recognise one of the “powerful men” to be Jonathan. Really powderful (pun intended) fler.
    Xes…when u goin again? I need to get back to climbing.

  7. I climbed there… it’s pretty fun. I like the “natural” wall best.
    I felt the people there were pretty friendly. Nice banter, loads of space and routes so plenty to work on.

  8. hi guys.. maybe most of u have climb here.. i`m one of the marshall that works in camp-5..
    its good to hear good feetbacks from u gguys.. hoping that more people will come to camp-5 n clim more..
    just as a reminder,the routes will b change everytine around 2 to 3 months… alrite then, enjoy… c u guys..
    do invite your friends to come n climb aite?.. ChioWsZZ!!

  9. Hey there I’m new in KL and I’m also new at rock/wall climbing. It’s damn fun tho. I’m a beginner, so how di I start? If one of the marshalls could email me back that would be cool. Right now I’m not even sure I can find the place. LOL.

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