Canberra 2

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is totally different from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The city is small, unpopulated and filled with monuments such as fountains and statutes. The city is also a planned city where geometrical designs shape the city.

It’s been an exhausting day. Esther’s gang brought me around Canberra. Our first destination was Lake Burley Griffin. It’s a man-made lake with an average dept of 12 feet. We took a stroll round the lake before we went for a paddleboat ride. Candy and I shared a paddleboat while the 2 other couples (Esther/Ritchie and Cheryl/Harry) had shared theirs. We started a water fight in the middle of the lake. Boy, the lake was extremely dirty! We were totally soaked by the end of the boat ride.

The Parliament was next. Entrance to the Parliament was screened by x-ray and a metal detector (probably to detect bombs). There weren’t any personals to guide us or brief us and we had to wander on our own. We somehow managed to get into the senator and house representative’s hall. We headed outside to hike up to the top of the Parliament to have an aerial view of the city.
Soon we were bored. We decided to head to Melbourne and Sydney. There’s a museum inside the memorial. The museum has an excellent display of the wars that Australians were involved. It was huge and I couldn’t go through everything thoroughly. Their World War I display is extremely huge. It emphasized in detail of every battles that Australians were involved.

Btw, we’re going clubbing tonight!

I’ll be staying in Esther’s room while Esther moves to her boyfriend, Richie’s place. Her room is well equipped. She has a tv, fridge, internet cable connection and even a Play Station one. She introduced 2 of her friends to me, a Hongkie named Candy and a Malaysia named Cheryl. They’ll be bringing me around Canberra tomorrow.