Car accident

Day 3 in back in Kuala Lumpur = Car accident.
What the fuck! I was driving to Steven’s Corner to meet up with my high school girlfriend, Choi Hsia. While I was just few blocks away, a car stopped suddenly in front of me. I was late. So I looked at the back mirror screen to check out for cars and there were none. So without hesitation, I shifted my gear to R and reverse. Suddenly, *kaboom*

It was a white Proton Wira that was actually parked on the side of the road and it’s front portion exposed on to the main road. It was totally invisible from the back mirror. Ah, I got out from the car and confronted the owner, a middle-aged Chinese couple. I was expecting a peaceful discussion but apparently not. The husband burst out in anger, shouting and scolding me. I didn’t expect a middle-aged uncle bursting in anger. Apparently he loves his car very much and he doesn’t drive it often. (The car was shiny white). His front bonnet was dented, couple of parts scratched and couple of things cracked. I then offered him my phone number
(Translated into English from Cantonese)
“I don’t want your phone number!”
“Then what do you want? I got only RM50 in my pocket. Go fix your car then give me a call” (In a calm voice)
(Same argument went over and over again)
“I don’t want your number!”

Our cars were blocking the road and hence we moved out cars to the petrol station nearby. As I got out from the car, the uncle seems to cool down. He wasn’t angry anymore and we even joked. He asked me where I’m from and we had a little conversation. He told me that couple of weeks ago someone damaged his car when he parked his car in Carrefour Shopping Centre. He found RM150 slipped on to his window screen.

His wife called a relative who deals with cars to quote the damage. It will cost RM300. I told him to call me after he fixes it. But he still didn’t want my number. I don’t know why, probably it would be troublesome. He then offered to settle the thing for RM150. I checked my wallet but I only had RM140. I gave him all the money. All I had left was RM2.20.

A fortuneteller once told me that my wealth would not deplete no matter what but I would not be very rich. I would always have money in my pocket. So far it’s always true. I managed to have a drink with Choi Hsia. She offered to lend me some money but I immediately rejected her. However, after much persuasion, I decided to borrow RM10 from her. However again, she was generous enough to give me RM50. 😀 Thanks!

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