Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL 20.10.2007

Many thanks to the organisers for the media tickets.

Although this event was held indoor, the event was excellent. Every part of ZOUK except Velvet as designated as the venue. A tent with many electronic games was set up for patrons to play.

Since we have to collect our media tickets by 10.p.m and many of our friends had not arrived, we hung out at the gaming zone. The games were pretty simple. There was one which is quite similar to Bejewelled and also one motorcycle racing game which reminds of me the games I play when I was still in primary school. We were given free lighters after completing the Bejewelled-like game.

Huey Meim – thanks for the passes!

Thereafter, we roamed around ZOUK and Velvet (thanks to you-know-who-you-are for the passes :D). The crowd’s excellent and the beats were uplifting. Fellow bloggers like Suanie, Kimberlycun, ShaolinTiger , KYSpeaks and FireAngel were present as well.

While in Velvet, I received a text message from an unknown number. It says that my racing skills won me a helmet and I have to collect it within 15 minutes!

I immediately rushed towards the gaming zone to claim my prize and within minutes, I find myself being presented with an autographed Suomy Spec-1R Extreme Racing Capirossi helmet by Loris Capirossi! Some Japanese big shot presented me the helmet with photographers taking pictures of us.

All I did was getting the highest score for the above mentioned motorcycle racing game! All my hard work in primary school playing computer games and the pain of getting Es and Fs for many of my subjects finally paid off!
After being presented with the helmet, some guys approached me to purchase my helmet, which includes one of the managers of ZOUK. The said manager had a bidding war with a chap over my helmet.
Chap: I give you RM200 for this!
Manager: I give you RM250!
Chap: I give you RM500!!
After checking on the internet, I discovered that the prize for such helmet is around US$650 (RM2.1K!)
Our initial plan is just to stop by ZOUK, take some pictures and say hi to some friends. However, we ended up staying until 2AM. We had a great time there!

Capirossi’s signature!

Anyone knows what the thing on the top left is for?

hee..l…mmee..ttt.. too..sm..all….heaaad…a..nnddd..eyyesss..squuzeee…ddd
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12 thoughts on “Speedzone @ ZOUK, KL 20.10.2007”

  1. Actually, you should hang on to that helmet, wait till Capirossi dies in a horrific crash, THEN put it on eBay as a limited edition, personally autographed helmet by Capirossi, may he rest in peace. Then let the bidding war begin!
    I’m so going to hell.

  2. efly: I WILL!
    ivN: tuk han seeen!
    Cruise: hehe damn mean!
    baburs: aiyor, lazy to wait la. poor la
    Dilirius: den how come need to pay extra for Velvet one?

  3. efly: I WILL!
    ivN: tuk han seeen!
    Cruise: hehe damn mean!
    baburs: aiyor, lazy to wait la. poor la
    Dilirius: den how come need to pay extra for Velvet one?

  4. Xes,
    The Helmet arrived in perfect condition & thanks for the nifty keychains dude!

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