black undies

Ok, I swear I didnt steal them! hmm, Since Wen Dee has no more black undies and I somehow is hosting the Wen Dee’s fan club here, I propose that you (anyone) send Wen Dee black undies. Please send it to

Wen Dee’s Fan club,
16, Watson Road,
S10 2SD,
Sheffield, United Kingdom.

She would be very, very happy! However, please make sure.
1. You have not wore it before.
2. You didnt steal them from somewhere.
3. It’s new.
4. It’s still packed nicely in the box. All tempered packages will be discarded immediately.
5. Wen Dee or anyone blogging in this website, will not pay for those undies. It is for charity 😀

Misteri panties aku yang berwarna hitam…

Damnit, my one last black undie has disappeared along with the rest. Oiii whoever you are, give me back-ar!!! The little black undie is just as important as the little black dress!! Thieves, I tell you, THIEVES!!

Anyway, Siew Lee, Fred, Frank, Hun Chong, Jia Hui, Kin Han and I are going to Amsterdam tomorrow!!! Well, not technically, coz we are flying off at 6am, Saturday morning but we are taking the train to London tomorrow evening. wOoo HooOoo… Amsterdam… the city with the weed, mushrooms, porn, weed, porn, weed, porn, weed – but I swear, I am only going there for the Tulips and Windmills. Really-wan. 😀 (muaHAHhahHA)

Hope all goes well, I think a few of us in the group need time away from home to figure things out, while some need to spend some time together to see what good things you already have, but you are momentarily tempted away for now… You know who you are.

Have you ever been in a position where you know you really shouldn’t be… but you really can’t help yourself sometimes? You figured you had the will, but temptation takes over and you go home feeling like shit. Shit. You are screaming inside – Be sensible!!! You can hear yourself loud and clear but after a while, you tend to get use to playing Ignorance on your own. Then you talk to your friends about it and they tell you what you don’t want to hear – knowing fully well that they are perfectly right in every possible sense. Here’s where you start to play Denial… but this time, some friends will play along with you. By then, you would know who your real friends are. The true ones wouldn’t play that game with you.

I need a good knock on the head and maybe I would be able to open my eyes… coz maybe some things are just not meant to be.

Yeap.. Amsterdam would be a good time to get away from it all… see you guys when we get back on Tuesday!! And pray, we all come back in one piece – not literally, of course. 😀 Till then, take care!


Another Social Casulty

Chuo Ming invited me to his house for dinner today. I had not been to his house for a week now. The moment I stepped into his living room, I was so surprise to see how messy his house had become. The kitchen floor was very oily and the rubbish bin was giving out foul smelling odour. I guess everyone in the house had been busy with their assignments. Chuo Ming cooked his infamous fried rice and Frederick fried two “Bawal Putih” fishes for dinner. Chee Feng and Adrian were there as well. I was the centre of attention on the dinner table for the wrong reasons (as usual). It goes something like this:
Cheng Leong: The fish is good.
Cheng Feng and Adrian: yeah, it’s good.
Me: I think its okay only.
Chee Feng: Mahai, its damn good lar! If you think it is not good then don’t eat lar.

Later when we were drinking Pepsi Cola, I told the people on the table that Pepsi Cola did not taste as good as Coca Cola. Chee Feng was furious with my comment again. He said that I complained too much especially when I was drinking free Cola.

I think I deserve to be told off when I said that “the fish was okay only” because as a guest even if the food is not that good, I should always tell the host that it is good for the sake of politeness. I must confess here that the fishes were good and the answer I gave was a foolish one. Although, I think I am not wrong when I say that Coke is better than Pepsi, It is not right for me to be angry at Chee Feng since he was the one who bought the Pepsi.

Well, all I can say is that the whole incident is another social casualty. If I keep acting like this, I might kill myself off from the social circle soon. I seriously do not know how am i going to make a living in the future when i am such a lousy conversationist. Sigh…

Anyway, Chuo Ming was not eating dinner with us. I think that was strange because he was the one who invited me to dinner. I hope he is alright.
2:22AM Whenever you wonder if you’re being a “fruitful” Christian, ask yourself, “Am I like Jesus? Is His life flowing through me in the ordinary activities and relationships of each day? Do the ‘grapes’ of my life point others to the Vine?” —David McCasland

if only prawn mee can make me come… ohhh…

Leong!!! I don’t believe you actually wrote that!! 😀 hAHa!! OK, to clear things up, I said that the prawn mee was so good, it was ORGASMIC… it didn’t literally give me an orgasm… which, of course, would be GREAT if it DID give me an orgasm. Oh yes, it would be veeerrrrryyyyyy good………………..

Somehow, I think I am gonna regret putting this post up.