Charity Cup Cake Drive

I am not a big fan of cupcakes. Although it looks pretty most of the time, it’s a little bit too sweet for me. However, I would definitely eat any Doraemon themed cupcake..

Other than Doraemon, I would definitely eat cupcakes for charity.

A friend of mine requested that I help him promote this event. This event is about raising fund for a charity home in Jinjang Utara.
In this event, the activities includes Cup Cake baking classes, held in Sunway University College, 5th Floor, Baking & Pastry Kitchen. The dates are as follows:
* 7th March, 0830hrs – 1230hrs *Baking*
* 14th March, 0830hrs – 1230hrs *Theme decoration*
* 21st March, 0830hrs – 1230hrs (Baking) , 1300hrs – 1600hrs (Theme decoration) *Baking & Theme decoration*
* 28th March, 0830hrs – 12-30hrs (Baking), 1300hrs – 1600hrs (Theme decoration)
(Baking: Participant will learn how to bake cupcake base with different flavours *encourage for those who have no basic in baking, however simple icing method will be still be taught in the class)
(Theme Deco: Participant will learn more and different methods about the decoration done on a cupcake based on theme as of :
14th March – True Love
21st March – Flower Power
28th March – Healthy Lifestyle)
* RM30 Per-session
* RM50 Two session (Participant can choose to come for the date between 7,14,21,18 of March)
Participants will be given a work station & hands on experience, ingredients are provided, and goody bags filled with sponsors’ products. Also after each session participant will be served with a Hi-Tea.
For more information & bookings, do not hesitate to call:
Benjamin Ng – +6012-3122510 or Nurul Ain +6013-3910406
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