On Monday, I received an email from Tim informing me that there is one competition by Chipster @ by the name “Nothing Else Matters” that I should join. He wants me to prepare a draft for him to review by Wednesday.
Cannot la,, so short notice. I can’t churn out blog entries like a biscuits at a biscuit factory! But in any event, I accepted the task and cracked my head for an idea.
Chipster?? I’ve never heard of it! I quickly browsed through the website, read some interesting stuff like the various methods one can try to eat their Chipster e.g. eat it with nasi lemak or dip them in your favourite sauce.
The rules are quite simple. Take a picture of yourself or a friend with a packet of chipster and then edit it accordingly. The theme should be “Nothing Else Matters”.
And the prizes are

Unfortunately, I was quite busy with work and I had no time read the rules in-depth and also to think about it.

The Rules.
Sounds easy huh?
On Wednesday morning.. I found this outside my house.

My neighbor left a packet of Chipster outside my house!
I quickly register an account at and uploaded the picture for the competition.

Then I realized, it’s not that simple.

I have to merge my picture with their background in order to create an entry.
Of course, I didn’t give up.

In my room.
After erasing the background and retaining my image and chipster, you’ll see..

To those who has better art skills than I do, please join the “Nothing Else Matters” Contest @
P/S I tried the Sour Cream flavoured Chipster. It was awesome!

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  1. Eh xes, the Chipster you picked in trash bin is red … means you purposely bought a new one eh? Nevertheless, hope you win =D

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