Chong Kok Kopitiam @ Klang

When I was tasked to attend Court in Klang, my first query was ‘where to have breakfast?’.

My colleague recommended me to this place by the name ‘Chong Kok Kopitiam’, which is just a stone throw away from Klang Sessions and Magistrate Court.

Speaking about the Klang Sessions and Magistrate Courts, it is located on top of a hill. Parking along the hill is limited and if you’re late, you have to park at the foothill and hike up. I was late and had to hike up the hill. I was cursing, ‘cheeebyee why did they build a Court up a hill!!!!’.

However, the Court was quite interesting. It was built in the 1960s and it doesn’t seem to have changed much from then. It was like walking into a museum. Further, the walk down the hill was really pleasant as I could see a panoramic view of Klang from the top.

Anyway, back to Chong Kok Kopitiam, I had my usual breakfast set, coffee, half boiled eggs, steamed bread and also tried out their sotong (cuttlefish) nasi lemak.

Steamed brad and nasi lemak were highly recommended by some bloggers.

Their coffee was really nice. Thick and aromatic with a fair amount of condensed milk. Stir condensed milk to set the level of sweetness.

However, their famed steamed bread was a bit overrated. It’s not soft and it tasted a bit gingerly. Pappa Rich beats them hands down.

As for their nasi lemak, it was a little bit too spicy for me. The way it was served was a little bit unhygienic as well. It had flies all over the store and the lady uses her bare hands to serve the side dishes.

Overall, if its not for the atmosphere and coffee, I would rate this place lowly. However, its a good place to have breakfast if you’re in Klang Sessions and Magistrate Courts.

Also, be careful where you park. The bloody Klang Municipal Council workers are like ninjas. They summoned my car for illegal parking without me realising it!! Fml!!


No 5,
Jalan Stesen,
41000 Klang.
(opposite Klang KTM Station)

10 thoughts on “Chong Kok Kopitiam @ Klang”

  1. there’s a history to chong kok in klang. the buildings are pre-war. it used to be a brothel before it was turned into a coffeeshop. their coffee grounds are homegrind and roast.

    afternoon nasi lemak better. different ppl make. this kopitiam came out newspaper a few times.

      1. My parents have been going there since they were kids. My mom tells me of a story that women weren’t allowed to go into this ‘hotel’ and how there was once a woman who went in regularly to earn money to buy milk powder for her baby. Even now there are whores around that area especially at the back lane of the shophouses.

        Up to you lah whether you want to call it a hotel or not. Don’t ‘WTF’ me. Most pre-war hotels are used as brothels.

        1. Ok, I apologise for the rude “wtf” BUT since your parents has been going there since they were kids, isn’t your mum a female? How would your mum know if she wasn’t allowed in?

          I agree there’s still prostitutes around that area till now. Being a hotel, you basically can’t interfere what your customers rent the rooms for. There might be customers who do that but by you stating it as a brothel, YOU ARE ACCUSING it as a brothel and not a proper hotel cum restaurant! Which is a VERY INSULTING NAME FOR THE HISTORY OF OUR FAMILY BUSINESS.

          End of opinion.
          By the way, I AM relative of the shop owner so I’m pissed.

  2. Whatever lah. I never ‘accuse’ it as a brothel. I’m merely stating a fact. I don’t know why you are so worked up about it. Its not like im saying the food is bad or something. Yea, so it’s your family business, so what? Why deny the past?

    Also, I said women not allowed, not ‘female’. My mom went there as a girl, accompanying my grandad.

    Your first comment up there should’ve been more courteous to point out my inaccuracies. Not being rude about it.

    1. Sincere apology.

      After referring back, your statement of it was a brothel at pre-war era was true. Sincere apology.
      Stupidity has no cure, which I think I’m very lame to be upset about a comment posted 2 years ago. AND on the fact that I’m pissed over my naive ignorance of not knowing the history myself. Shame on me.

      Sorry for being a fool & ruin your mood.
      A thousand apologies. *Japanese 90 degree apology bow*

      And very sorry for a rude post and spam to this blog post as well… *apology bow*

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