Choosing Popular Friends

When I was younger, I was always jealous of other girls who were much more popular than I was. I had my own group of friends, but I would always be secretly ashamed that they were too geeky or not good enough for me. I never consciously thought about them that way, I think. I wasn’t nasty to them or what, but I would always make way for the more popular friends should they ask me out, and ignored my other friends.
Shame on me?
I recall when I was 11, I was invited to a friend’s birthday party held at KFC. It was a big thing then. What I didn’t know was that she considered me her best friend. What she didn’t know was that I wasn’t interested in the party at all, and didn’t want to go.
She called my house twice, trying to convince me to come to her party, but I was adamant that I didn’t want to. I pretended that I wasn’t feeling well, and didn’t want to spoil her birthday party.
I’m sure I must have hurt her feelings, because she was quiet on the phone. I felt bad, but I didn’t back down.
Unknown to me, she proved to be a very loyal friend. When I was abandoned by the popular friends and had no one to hang out with, she would be there for me.
If I were her, I should have laughed at me for being such a bitch at such a tender age, right?

[taken from a website – i forgot where.]
They say that our surroundings will subconsciously affect our choices of friends, be it the right or wrong choice. It’s like being a model, and surely you’d ignore the ones who are less popular than you are and befriend the more famous ones? Occasionally you’d pity them and grace them with your presence, but face it, you will never be fair to all of them equally.
Then there are some people who’d give you this advice, “Feeling ugly? Relax. Hang out with the uglier ones and you’ll feel better about yourself and be popular!”
Admit it, you’ve been practising that rule to feel good ’bout yourself! ;P

7 thoughts on “Choosing Popular Friends”

  1. Third most difficult thing in life after one – surviving, and two – finding a soulmate, is ‘finding a true friend’.

  2. is this a girl thing? i dont think boys do this. at least i didnt. or any of my friends. or maybe i was too blur to see it

  3. Low: most definitely, sigh
    jaz: guys can be quite obnoxious, too! e.g. only want to be friends with the pretty ladies and not the fat ones……. unless the fat ones are friends with the pretty ones. ;P

  4. i think there’s some sense in that. people like hanging out with popular folk not just because they’re popular but whatever made them popular in the first place. popular people are either rich, charismatic, funny or some other junk. who wouldn’t like to be friends with the funny guy? Or the hot chick? /me dodges cabbages

  5. Hey bimbo:
    Why were you so adamant about not going to the KFC party? Got someone you didn’t like there? You had to layan another more popular friend?

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