Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 started off with drinks at the newly opened restaurant/pub at The Hill @ Jalan Dungun.

The Hill is one of the many bungalows turned restaurant/pub on Jalan Dungun. It is just a stone throw from Jarrod Rawlins. Parking is scarce but one can opt for valet parking. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to park at one of the secluded spots around that area. A friend of mine got robbed one night when she was there.

To get to the place, you need to hike up a stairway. I wonder how many drunkards have stumbled down the stairways.

Notwithstanding the packed venue, we managed to secure a spot on the upper floor. Prices were hiked up 20% for Christmas eve celebration.

We were given a party pack each. In the party pack, there was a small led light. We took some pictures with it.

Supposed to be an angel..

Buck? #fail

On Christmas day, Melvin had his annual Christmas party at his place. For the first time, we had gift exchange session.

The highlight of the night. Melvin cheese baked potatoes and roast turkeeeeyyyy! Yummehhh!


Irenehai brought home made tiramisu. Made with extra alcohol. Perfect for all the alcoholics in the house.

A and I brought French Toast ice cream and Horlicks ice cream from The Last Polka. Horlicks ice cream is my favourite. French Toast on the other hand has a tinge of cinnamon in it. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon hence I think this flavour is so-so. Other than these two flavours, they have other flavours such as Guinness, green tea, peanut butter, Nuttella and teh tarik. I tried their Bacon ice cream few months back when they had a tasting session. I was quite good! I wonder if they’ll have Wan Tan Mee ice cream next time!

You can order The Last Polka’s ice cream from their website and pick it up from a few designated locations.

We managed to finish up most of the food this year. Turkey was left with bones. Melvin said he will make porridge out of the bones. Wow.

Looking forward to Xmas parties!!

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