Chuo Ming’s Birthday

Last week, the former Sheffield bunch (plus some of the respective other halves) met up at La Bodega for Chuo Ming’s bird day.

The Cake

Sheffield Tradition! oi siewkhaibei! what are u doing?
We had a great time catching up and also making fun of waitress for the day, Ms. Ja ja.
“Oi JAJABINKS. BRING ME MY BEEER!!”, shouted a rude boy. Mmm..i think it was me..
Then something interesting happened.
The table opposite us was celebrating a birthday as well. Out of goodwill, they sent a piece of cake to Chuo Ming (CM).
CM: “wow…this is nice man..”
(Proceeds to think)
“Leong, What is the strongest alcohol here???”
So instead of giving them another piece of cake, CM ordered a glass of Graveyard for the birthday boy on the other table !
We couldnt see the birthday boy’s face though.
Me: Eh what if he’s a Malay?
CM: Oh shit..
We took the risk though. Few minutes later,
Birthday boy on the other table: O_O!!!
Everyone: bwWahahahahahah

As we were about to leave, Jaja requested that we wait for another 5 minutes. It seems that the other table wanted to buy Chuo Ming something in return.
Few minutes later, Jaja returned with a big bottle of Jack Daniels Whisky!
Chuo Ming was

We invited the group over for a short drink. They left after finishing a cup of whisky. Wow.. cm’s best birthday ever!

16 thoughts on “Chuo Ming’s Birthday”

  1. wah… so nice one… get their numbers, next time i wanna celebrate my birthday opposite theirs also…

  2. oi minggo. happy birthday.
    a graveyard for a bottle of jd? maybe the other birthday boy was too drunk to remember the exchange rate.
    that or it was a duel of “my c0k bigger”.

  3. who is shin? thanks for the wishes. anyway too bad the 2 girls on their table weren’t pretty, if not i’dve bought them a chivas… no wait down grade that to a bacardi, i’m poor

  4. can can come my house la we get drunk then go cyber cafe. that day i was doing doc brief in the shah alam court and mitigated for a 12 year old indian kid who stole a handphone. i ask him why he steal, he said to sell, i ask him why he need money, he said to play cyber cafe…

  5. another clear example how cm spends too much time playing dota… hahhaa still in pg coming back next week. see u then

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