Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2009 – Part 2

Last weekend, A, Karen, Ping, Edmund, Andrew, Sherrie and I went to Pavilion shopping centre to support contestant no #16, Cris. Cleo organised a speed dating event for some lucky girls to meet their favourite bachelor.

Before that, we had lunch at La Bodega. Ping and I ordered their signature cheese burger. On the menu, it states that it takes around 20 minutes to be prepared. We waited…30 minutes later, still no burger! We checked with the waiter and few minutes later, the manager came to inform us that they have forgotten to key in our orders!

Karen: liddat ar, give us 2 free burgers la then!

And they gave us 2 free burgers!

But I hope that the buns didn’t go thru any armpits or floor may.

After lunch, we met Cris at the cafe where they had the event. There were loads of people. I heard that earlier they had load of girls lining up to meet the guys. Even school girls!

Autographs pls…

Cris popped out with a mock credit card with his face on it.

I heard that one girl came all the way from Perak to meet one contestant, who is also a celebrity. Unfortunately, after travelling few hundred kilometres, she found out that the contestant didn’t come. I bet her heart cracked louder than new years eve fireworks.

We overheard that there was one girl that was dyiiiinnnggggg to meet Cris. When they met, I quickly snapped a picture…

Guess which girl? Keke

The one on the right to be precise. She wanted to meet Cris because she’s also half Filipino. Ooo hotness…

Please vote for contestant #16, Cristopek!!!

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