Climbing Accident – Part II

Few minutes after this pictures…
Cris: argghh look!!

Me: O_o GG…don’t pull the skin out man, just leave it as it is and it will heal faster.
(pulls off dangling skin and put bandages around his hand)
Cris: Lets climb!!
Me: (*O*)

9 thoughts on “Climbing Accident – Part II”

  1. hahaha!! well no pain no gain right..
    oh i heard that nomad is gonna move somewhere near KL tower. father of all traffic jams lah! aiyoo

  2. Darren: YEAH!
    efly: yeah la. without the skin, its quite painful.
    baburs: looks like we gotta migrate to Camp 5 soon
    Cris: sunday hardcooree again!!
    kink: harddcoooree!

  3. ugh so crazy for climbing. the last time i grazed my knuckles while climbing i wailed the rest of the day LOL. and went to sleep in the back of the car while the rest continued climbing.

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