Climbing Accident

I had a little accident while bouldering. I was cleaning this simple route for n00bs. While on the last move, I took a plunge from the top and was sent crashing down the mattress. Unfortunately, there was a gap between the mattresses and my right feet slotted nicely into the gap.
In the process, I hit my heel on the floor.

Immediately after crashing down, all eyes were on me…
Few minutes later…
Me: argghhh…GG already…damn pain..

On the next day, I had limped my way to and back from Court.
I went to see my company doctor on my bruised heel. Doctor said I ruptured an blood vessel.

Me: Do you think I’ve broken something or fractured something?
Dr: Noo…if you did, you wont be able to walk here.. it will be extremely swollen..
Me: a matter of precaution, I think I should go and do xray..
Dr: Sure
Me: Can I do it here?
Dr: no but I will send you to another Clinic which is 5 minutes walk from here
Me: O_o I think I’ll pass, I don’t think I can walk there!!

[Edit: Day 3 = getting better!]

7 thoughts on “Climbing Accident”

  1. You call that getting better? Looks like you won’t be organising futsal for the next 2 weeks.
    To accelarate your healing factor, just ask A to give you more tender loving care lar 😛

  2. 1stly, you get p4wned by fat cat (Fei mau), later on, hurt your heel. Hrmmm. Wondering what will happen next. lolx. opz. touch woods touch woods.

  3. wah lau you also! lately there’s been a few injuries at summit, mostly ankles..
    eh i heard they’re gonna move to another location. do u know anything about it?

  4. kimberly: ooouuu
    Low: futsal this weeek!!
    Kink: next accident, accidentally killed Kinko. wahaha
    Darren: thanks mate.
    ivN: dont be a wuusss!! keke
    baburs: heard they’re moving to somewhere in the heart of KL..donno whether true or not le..

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