Climbing @ Damai + Camp 5

In view that our climbing trip @ Krabi is just less than 2 weeks away, Anna, Edmund, Ping and I headed to Gua Damai, Batu Caves to refresh our memory on the safety procedures. Gua Damai was packed with climbers and we had problem selecting routes as most of the routes were occupied.

Wow, I didn’t know you can actually book the entire Gua Damai..



Guess what is this?

But we brought some kuih along and even set up a hammock to entertain ourselves.

Gua Damai also got guai lou..not bad, we’re turning into a mini Krabi!


GG-ed finger again.

After climbing 2 routes, it started to rain. Everyone ran helter-skelter. We had no choice but to adjourn our climbing session to Camp 5.

And we did more than climbing there..

Edmund = 60kgs ++

Anna = 48Kgs

Ping training to lift Anna up..

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