CLP exams 4 1/2 months away

I’m stressed.

Despite the fact that CLP exam is 4 1/2 months away, the amount of shit I have to memorize is enormous. My lecturer once said CLP exam is one of the toughest in the world, once you pass it, you can pass anything in this world. It seems pretty convincing when last year’s passing rate was only 18% of the rumored 1000 people who took the exam.

With the amount of shitload I have to read, I don’t think my brain can take it. But now, I’m actually trying to memorize everything by imputing everything permanently into my brain. You know, just like how you go to McDonalds and without referring to the menu, you know there’s double cheeseburger on the menu.

Any suggestions to improve my memory?

Couple of friends of mine seek external help in order to study. For example,

A friend a mine took ginkgo biloba, a pill that increases your brain power. I think she stopped after we told her about the fine print on her gingko biloba bottle. It says, “WARNING: increases sex drive”

Another friend of mine (you know who you are la haah), tried smoking weed. Right after smoking his shit, he sat on his study table and opened his book. 5 minutes later…zzzzz…too stone to study…

And traditional believe. Fish eyes are believed to increase memory power. Oh my god, too gross. I must strongly suggest that the only appropriate chewable food is chewing gum.

And lastly, this would be my last resort…

If only I have those… if only..

9 thoughts on “CLP exams 4 1/2 months away”

  1. hey cleong, told you already…stick notes everywhere ie. toilet room walls, ceiling, car, kitchen, bed..then sure can remember..tat’s how i remember drug’s name and interaction!

  2. i heard raisins help :)that’s worth a shotand waking up real early in the morning and studying when your mind is freshhhh and empty :Doh and sticking notes all over the place so everytime u wash ur face or something you can read that message on that particular post-it and eventually you’ll memorize it 😀

  3. Gingko thing increases brain power as well as sex drive? *writes notes to feed future wife yee mai foo chok with gingko everyday*

  4. wolfx: just mix it with it with ‘hai harn’ pills can liao 😀 nogi: keke one day la.. i sked my mother ask long ask short..frostie: raisins? mmmm shall try that but i hate em :mindy: hehe seldom see u comment here keke

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