Cockroach Trap: Update

Remember this post?

So I took Applegal‘s suggestion and tried Ridsect’s Cockroach Trap. No wonder I was cheated at first! I thought I had bought Ridsect’s but if you look at my last post, it was Family’s … perhaps it isn’t as powerful as Ridsect’s?
Tried it, and voila!

Why did God create them? ;(
By the way, if there are any stronger stuff, please recommend. Not super expensive ones like previously suggested. I’m too broke to afford such super strong stuff. Don’t they have like liquid thingy that attracts cockroaches and rip their balls off and let them suffer til they die??
They are really cock roaches, i tell ya.

11 thoughts on “Cockroach Trap: Update”

  1. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….i can’t believe you actually OPENED the box. I wouldn’t even touch the box with my bare hands after a week. Hmmm, shall ask mom to get some for the kitchen…

  2. I would recommend Combat. Not sure if they still sell it but it was an amazing product. And you won’t get this problem of having to throw cockroaches away afterwards because this is how it works:-
    1) Stick Combat on the floor or on the wall, a roaming cockroach will go in it and take the bait but it goes home to die and so their family and friends will eat this dead cockroach..Poison in this dead cockroach will also kill the cockroaches which had a bite at these cockroaches…..

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