Comicblog for old lady

So today, after class, Feonna, Jane (my classmates) and I went to this huge ass Night Market around my area. Huge but the lanes were pretty small hence we had to literally squeeze our way through.

While walking..
Me: god damn many people..gotta squeeze through.
Then I felt something soft.. and fleshy..i turned around.. and saw this really obese old aunty. I accidentally elbowed her tits. I shivered in disgust. BRRR

10 thoughts on “Comicblog for old lady”

  1. whaahahahha…..the auntie looks like a real pig…with the nose drawn like that!!!hahah…nice one leong.

  2. Ivan: must put big big..some blind bat surely will insult oen hehekerhoong: i wanted to draw a round body but it looked like a changed to square la hehe Gavin: the fuck u know its her? u fapped on the picture 100 times bfore is itterjin: mm thts supposed to be a mouth ahha suilin: aiyah need entertainment time ma 😀

  3. hahahaha.. nah man.. she MY gurl :@ so dun touch.. muahahaha.. nah man, recently watched “the girl next door” and WOW she was hot in it.. and got that pic as wallpaper.. muahahaha 😀 she my future wife *mikey dreams on* hahaha o.O

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