Commenting is easier than complimenting

recently I’ve been having lunch with a colleague from another department
regularly. She’s thin (and I’m so envious of that) and she has fair skin (yes,
I’m envious of that, too!) and she talks a lot.

However, I’ve
recently realised that she is one of those people who may not be able to
compliment others easily. She more often tends to ‘comment’ instead.


example, a colleague wore a dress to work the other, a change from her usual
pants and shirt. Most of us complimented her on the dress, saying it was a very
nice colour, something different, etc.


colleague on the other hand, went “WAH! New dress? Going somewhere? A date?” and
not specifically complimenting the dress or the wearer.


I have been
given many comments by her, such as:


earrings are those?!” when others said they were really nice.

“So dressed
up today, aren’t you? Who are you trying to attract? Your boss? HAHAHAHA!” when
others said I looked pretty.


I bet she
thinks she’s so damn funny, when she doesn’t know that she sounds ridiculous.
Especially when she cackles at her own remarks.


There were
so many that I have lost track. Not once have I given a retort, despite being sorely
tempted as in my head, I go, “Whatever!” as she doesn’t deserve any attention.


She reminds
me of me. I hardly give compliments, too, and I’m sure my friends noticed. I
was telling my father the other day that I may have picked up this habit from
my grandma, who comments much easier than praising any of her grandchildren or
anyone at all.


It’s a
habit to kick, I must say. I’m sure I’ve hurt someone’s feelings more than once
by being so tactless and thinking that my retorts are funny. ;P



actually made it a habit to praise at least one person a day! Not easy, I tell
you, because I naturally am not a sweet talker. One boyfriend once complained
he felt I never appreciated him because I rarely complimented him on his

One thought on “Commenting is easier than complimenting”

  1. 1st!!!
    I guess you shouldn’t try to compliment for the sake of complimenting. If something is worth complimenting shouldn’t it come naturally? I mean its so weird that “ehhhh nice dress” when you see someone wear a new dress and its not that nice.
    Sounds so fake and forced. That’s why I dun like people complimenting me. I’m just cynical.

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