Con woman in Malaysia

While on my way back from Putrajaya, I stopped by at one McDonalds outlet along Jalan Sungai Besi. While enjoying my meal, I had one middle aged Chinese woman (from Mainland China) coming up to me asking for a favour. She wants me to call her friend using my cellphone. She gave me a name card and asked me to call one person by the name Mr Ng, a general manager of some company. I was obviously pissed, especially when she intrudes the intimate time I was having with my burger. Nevertheless, I called her friend.
(conversation in Mandarin, translated into English)
Me: Mr Ng, your friend XX is here in McDonalds, Petronas gas station, along Jalan Sungai Besi
Ng: Who? My friend?
Me: XX
Ng: Huh? Who is she?
Me: I don’t know, some Chinese lady. She said she’s your friend.
Ng: Who are you?
Me: I said she’s your friend, she’s waiting for you. That’s all I am going to say.
Ng: OK. Where is she?
Me: McDonalds, Petronas gas station, along Jalan Sungai Besi
Ng: What? Ok, can you pass the phone to her?
Me: (sensing something is wrong) NO. BYE
I then looked at the lady and said, “Yeah..your friend is coming”
Lady: oh thanks.
She then went to sit on another table with her back facing me. I somehow have feeling that when I pass my phone to her, she would probably walk away and disappear with my phone. She would have probably went,
“Hallo? Hallo? I cannot hear you. I go out talk to you.”
And never reappear.
Anyone encountered something similar?

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  1. If some1 from china asking me for a favour using my cel phone, I will only tell him/her that my hp no credit, and giv him/her rm0.20 cent, ask him/her play far far away…lolz…

  2. my experience was in a petrol station as well. but the plot was abit different. this guy ask me to tear a piece of so called “lucky-draw” thingy and if i didnt win anything, the company would pay him rm1. being kind, i thought y not help tat poor lad out.
    story short, he wanted me to use my phone to call his company to confirm the price i won.

  3. Reminds me of a story i read from a blog. this dude met up with a man for a contract , lent his phone to the dude and he promptly disspeared. i’ve lost the blog entry since though 😐

  4. My friend kena-ed something like that before. The thing is, he KNOWS the guy who stole his phone. He was his gym instructor and they went out for a movie. With his line “barred”, he borrowed my friend’s phone, walked out for “better reception” and never came back. Oh, and he quit his job at the gym.

  5. dogma: very common, that one. and someone a few days or weeks later, the crook would contact people on the person’s phone list and try out the same tactic.

  6. something similar happened to my housemate in miri. she was walking back to our house (BAD idea, considering how amazingly dodgy a neighbourhood senadin is) and a two malay boys came up to her, one about 15, the other one maybe 13. and they asked her for directions to phase 2, and she gave them directions.
    not 2 minutes later they came back, and asked her for her phone to make a call, ’cause apparently they couldn’t find their friend’s home, and the one boy who had a phone said his phone ran out of juice.
    my housemate refused, and the older boy said, “it’s ok, you give me your phone, i’ll just switch sim cards and make the call.”
    my housemate, sensing something amiss, refused. the boys kept pestering her while she walked, even following her. my housemate walked into the porch of the next house, telling them, “ah this is my friend’s house, you can come in and make a call from here instead.”
    the boys said no and took off.
    bloody dodgy as hell.

  7. but come think about it, can’t beat darren’s story. his ex classmate came up to him asking to pinjam phone. then terus lari with it and disappeared off the face of the earth. hahahahhaa.

  8. yeah, my brother in law got conned about 2 years ago. guy wanted to buy his bmw, took him to lunch, told him to drive to the bank, said that his secretary misheard his instructions and transferred about 500 less than she was supposed to and so he had to go back to his office and get the 500. brother in law said never mind here is 500 to get the draft and you can give it to me when we go back to the office. fellow said okay, can i borrow your phone to call my secretary. gave him the phone, stood outside the car talking and gesturing and slowly walked away with 500 and phone.

  9. evane: YEAH! con men everywhere!
    endrooG: yeah man. luckily i wasnt in a mood to help. heh.
    dogma: happens all the time man.
    Kink: hahahah i dare you to do that!
    meng: yeah this scratch and win fellows are everywhere!
    efly: wtf man. friend cheating friend.
    Irene: AHAHAHA yeah i read about that!! i wonder if he could trace the fellow or not ehe
    jaz: woah.. at least he didnt take the bmw with him hehe

  10. Lucky you’re smart xes. Hehe. Better safe than sorry. My boss kena this and his was very elaborate. A potential customer called him ask to meet at starbucks. So they met, ordered drinks and he took out some paper to discuss the prospective “job”. The man who was dressed quite nicely in suit etc asked my boss, “Eh can borrow phone awhile, need to call my boss awhile”. My boss didn’t think anything was amiss so borrowed him the phone. That guy did the “Hallo hallo? Can’t hear you….i’ll go to quieter place….” and was never seen since. Beware.

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