2 weeks back, while on my way back to my car from a shopping centre near my house (Parkson OUG), I was approached by a dark Chinese guy.

Guy: Mr!! I’m doing a survey!
Me: Okay..
Guy: it will only take a while..
Me: okay..quickly..
Guy: Do you go to Midvalley?
Me: Yes.. aha..
Guy: My company is doing this promotion. Here..take this.

He handed me a sealed letter.

According to him, the sealed letter is some sort of lucky draw. If I get some sort of voucher, then I’ll be entitled to a 50% discount on some branded electronic items suchs as Philips and Ogawa. He showed me a sample voucher. It was badly designed though.

Me: err.. dude, I don’t want it.. sorry to waste your time man.
Guy: it’s okay it’s okay! You can have the envelope! It’s for you! I’ve given it to some other people around this car park too! If you find this voucher in the envelope, then you’ll be entitled to the discount!
I then tore open the envelope and found a voucher which is identical to the sample that the guy showed me. I gave it to him. He looked at it with his eyes widely opened. And screamed..

Me: okayyyyy…

He then shaked my hand, non stop. He was like masturbating my right hand.

Me: okay.. “O_O..
Guy: Please sit in your car now! Wah..MR, you are so lucky! You know what you have won!?? A perdana V6!!
Me: err..okaayyy..
Guy: You wait! I’ll go get my supervisor!!

The guy then runs off. I thought to myself, “Cheebye, why am I taking all this bullshit. It’s a bloody scam man”. I immediately made a 3 point turn and tried to escape. Unfortunately, the guy came back before I could speed off.

Guy: MR! Where are you going?!


18 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!”

  1. wuah, got style…in running away. I’ve came across the same situation but I told them I dont understand chinese and spoke German to them all the way to my car. Haha…

  2. this scam…damn long liao, damn idiot wan. Always coMe ding dong-ing our house last time, said we won plasma tv la this n that…get supervisor..
    luckily u ran away..hahaha

  3. oblique: ahahahah we shouldnt waste our time talking to these bastards. even those guys on pyramid schemes seem more angelic than them. wahha
    Kian: wahahahah cheat money one la these people. i tink they will ask you to buy something from them before you could actually be entitled to the car. thereafter tehy just disappear or give lame excuses.
    Darren: bugger toy car, must at least be branded man!
    knicks: yeah there are plenty of them. gotta be careful especially those who tell you that you can make money easily. bollocks i tell you.
    peggy: ahhahaha how did u avoid them ?

  4. What if they really give u the car? *hehe*
    My mum experinced once also, but they really give my mum a refrigerator, massage chair,fan,air fresher but none of them can use long, about 1 or 2 week all broke down…my mum padi them 2 bucks onli

  5. too entitle to get the car u must this and that lar, terms n condition….wtf, how come the government didn’t control them ar?

  6. i feel sorry for the guys who cannot find jobs and have to work in “marketing” like that guy…
    until i get a telemarketer’s call during dinner. then i marah them kao kao. 😛

  7. kept telling them dowan ler…show black black face…if u dowan to go, i will sue you under nuisance……it kinda works..try it la next time. But if u ever see them again, just try to ignore and don acknowledge lor..

  8. hehe wtf? why so ah beng? heheh like that also can win car? wah liew like that every tom dick n harry also wanna win liew… go rob that mutha fockin guy off his vouchers ehehe

  9. sarah: wah ur mum really won something ah? butthen can use for a week only. cheh.. liddat my v6 will break down in 2 weeks la?
    Amos: i think there are regulations agaisnt it. just that no policemen were there to enforce the law
    cyberred: aiyoh cannot man, if i tell him i’m a lawyer, his eyes will go $_$ !!
    rych: wah hehe if he can afford a v6, he dont need to con me la keke
    whyrl: hmph yeah, pity those guys. butthen they shouldnt go cheat people’s money man
    peggy: i am nice guy la. dont ignroe people one
    Applegal: if i win a ferarri, i dont think i have enough money to maintain man hehe
    Jac: wahahah he got his gang there man. 15 over people!

  10. Shit la these ppl…still at it with their lucky draw shit. Only seelais will believe. Good call, Xes. They probably will ask u to buy 2 more envelopes and must buy whatever you draw and dunno what shit but you will never get the car.
    If not, maybe he carry you to Thailand sell as ah gua. XD

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