Count of Monte Cristo

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I just watched The Count of Monte Cristo on VCD.
In 1807 during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, a young shoemaker in Paris named Fracois Picaud was put to jail. Learning that Picaud Was to marry the beautiful Marguerite Vigoroux, a jealous friend named Mathieu Loupian falsely informed the police that the shoemaker was an English agent. Napoleons police seized Picaud and threw him in prison, where he languished in anonymity until 1814.
During his seven years of captivity, Picaud befriended an Italian prelate who, on his deathbed told him of a hidden fortune. Upon his release, there embittered prisoner found the treasure and returned to Paris a wealthy man. In Paris he learned not only of Lupian�s duplicity but of Marguerite Vigoroux�s subsequent marriage to the man who betrayed him. Appearing I various disguises, Picaud set out to avenge himself on Loupian and his fellow conspirators � killing them one by one until himself was slain by one of his intended victims. The story published in 1838, caught the attention of the novelist Alexandra Dumas
Some years earlier Dumas had been shooting on an island near Elba, the place of Napoleons first exile. In the distance he saw a rocky islet rising from the sea. Its name was Monte Cristo, Enchanted with the vista, Dumas vowed to write a novel using the name. After reading of Picaud�s tragic history the novelist adapted it to create The Count of Monte Cristo.
Like Picaud, Dumas� hero Edmond Dantes is unjustly imprisoned owing to the treachery of friends � accused by them of being a conspirator in the plot to return the exiled emperor to power. Like Picaud, Dantes befriends a fellow inmate an Italian prelate, and learns of a hidden treasure. But here the novelist�s imagination takes over. When the priest dies, Dantes takes his place in the burial sack that is thrown in the se, swim to safety, and is picked up by a gang of smugglers. Taken by his rescuers to the island of Monte Cristo, the hero finds a fortune in gold and jewels in an underground cavern. Posing as the Count of Monte Cristo, Dantes returns to Paris to seek revenge.

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