Cowboy Station @ Kelana Jaya

My brother in law has just opened a new branch restaurant at Kelana Jaya. It’s called Cowboy Station.
Here’s the map

It’s next to a lake therefore the ambiance is nice and cooling. However, please wear long pants as there are loads of insects at the moment. My brother in law is trying to get rid of them now.

Then my sister gave me a history lesson of the place..
Sister: do you know this is a haunting spot at night?
Me: really??? What kind of haunting spot???
Sister: haha, do you know at night… men would come here and…hehehehe.. you know la, what gay men does to each other..
Me: LOL !!
According to my brother in law, his staff including the cook are former employees of Victoria Station! Therefore, its like having cheap VC steaks!

Please pay a visit!


30 thoughts on “Cowboy Station @ Kelana Jaya”

  1. wahh.. he’s malay? wahh.. wat tha big family u are .. ehhee.. chinese + malay = this is malaysia.. hehe .. like shuffle to.. all in one.. PEACE MALAYSIA .. huh.. suddenly im become patrotik .. LOL

  2. sow: hehe the last time i went i had 30% discount, but that was for all customers la. now no mor discount! maybe bigger piece of meat and more fries la haha

  3. mosquitoes also go there to eat… the customers’ blood… hehehehe. assuming there are nyamuks… looks pretty nice though… but nothing cowboyish by the looks of it

  4. eh? and i thought you were the only child? how come suddenly got brother in law? *hehe*
    here in sban also got “cowboy”. entah apa cowboy. very popular name at the moment, huh?

  5. I’m staying right opposite that lake only… and everytime i do saw Cowboy Station but never dare to try.. ehehehe..lolz~! since it’s strongly recommended by you, DEFINITELY will go!
    btw, what is da price range?!?!

  6. aye..we shd have another bloggers’ outing! This time in ur b.i.l’s place!!
    yes yes????
    Make it soon k??

  7. pakap: aiay h ididnt take picture of the menu la
    baburs: hehe yes! please do!
    darren: u mean when u’re here for kl tower rave?
    yishy: hehe u should tyr this carrot! its soft and spongy!
    fishfish: aiyah donno la. but i think he took over the business from someone else.
    von: hek hek hek hek i think they had fish? salad?
    ken: mmm no idea where puncak kelana jaya is..its along LDP btw
    honfaai: waiters cannot la. but maybe the captain la. butthen i doubt he rememebrs my face/name
    ferkEr: i grew up as an only child la hehe . sban got anothr cowboy? what is that place? strip club?
    lucy: its about rm20-50 i thin…should have posted this earlier, they were hving a 30% promotion!
    gguni: aiyo that haze movie doesnt look good man..except the part where the chick was wearing hot tight pants πŸ˜€
    galferari: bloggers gathering? hehe tuk han seen ler keke
    julie: hehe yeah!
    YUMMIE: heheh then pls go visit it when u’re back!

  8. almost went there for lunch once..saw the sign when i went 2 the stadium 4 sports day but ended up eating in ou….herms..must try one day…
    xes and galferari:yea yea!!but after nov/spm pls!!so near my hs sure parents will let 1…hehe

  9. Firstly, when i went there, the atmosphere was nice, then i went to the washroom , where the cowboy door was broken, there was no ladies washroom, and one of the toilet was full with SHIT! and the door was opened! then i waited for my food and drink for like half an hour, i understood that there ws a huge family, but why couldn’t they just deliver the watermelon juice first? then the lame food arrived, and there was no sauce, so i ordered the black pepper sauce, which in any places, they wont charge me, but they charge me rm3.80 without adding 10% tax! and i saw the waiter which i think one of the bosses, smoking at the kitchen before delivering the food! oh my god! even the forks and knives were very dirty, all four on the table!

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