Crazy Cd drive.

My Cd drive on my Compaq Presario is dying. It refused to open when I pressed the button. After several attempts, I gave up. I used a straightened clipper pin to open it. Well, if the cd drive really dies on me then I can still use my USB external cd-r/rw as my cd drive. Then again that is just a short term solution because if my Windows OS die on me (touchwood), my USB drive will not work at all. I will not be able to install a new copy of the OS on my computer. Also, my cd drive cannot read cheap burned cds and some of the pirated cd as well. That mean the Len is approaching its depreciating life span. I think my cd-drive will be able to survive for at least another 12 months or longer if I don’t use it anymore. I am still thinking whether I should send it for repair. Hmmm…It might cost me more than GBP100 since the warranty on my computer has long expired. Argh!!! I hate laptop. Apart from being portable, all its spare parts are expensive and it is very hard to upgrade them!!! Okay…enough bitching about my Cd-drive. Hmmm…Let me test my cd drive again. *press the button on the cd drive* Aiks, it opens…Crazy cd drive.
7:13PM “We live by faith not by sight”

3 thoughts on “Crazy Cd drive.”

  1. frank time to changed lap top…call xes to bring u go lau yat plaza :Plots of goodies hardware there :)pc fair everyday in lau yat plaza πŸ™‚

  2. Lau Yat Plaza’s computer dealer damn dodgy lar…by the way, my cousin works for the supplier lar…i can get most of the hardware for cost price..muhahahhaha.

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