Crime Don’t Pay…seriously, in China


35 thoughts on “Crime Don’t Pay…seriously, in China”

  1. eH…i know there is loads of freedom of speech la but wah these pictures are very disturbing and is starting to bring in controversial subjects

  2. oh shit, thats really disgusting… wth… i think electric chair may be suffering but at least u die nicely… this is like *ugh* vomit vomit bleah

  3. death by electrocution means that person getting executed would have pissed and defecated all over him/herself, that way, ensuring that his/her warm body can’t be raped after the execution. fark. sucks rite?

  4. are these recent photographs? gee… is this one of the methods the Chinese government are applying to control their country’s population?

  5. what’s so disturbing about these pictures?
    It’s not as if they were made up – all these actually happened.
    You are not disturbed by these pictures. FOr real though, you are more disturbed by the fact!
    Dude, with all due respect too, get real.

  6. i think she means that removing those pics doesn’t mean it didn’t happen n we can go back to our comfortable lives like nothin happened, so quit whining like a bitch n ‘get real.’

  7. in china, if u are caught for stealing a single penny, you’re still gonna get shoot to death, btw that’s one powerful gun! enough to blow the lady’s head off

  8. At least there isn’t pics of decapitated hands and legs where these poor women would survive and live their entire lives a cripple. I’m pretty sure China has such rules as well..

  9. Headshot!I remember i read sumwhere…d family members have to pay for the bullets used…so conclusion..u have to pay for ur own execution in China.I tink some1 can try putting tis up around crime prone areas.

  10. i don’t agree with the posting of these images and the comments made by galferarri but i will practise what i preach by voting with my feet and walking away from this post.

  11. The pictures might be disturbing but they should not be removed.
    What I find more disturbing are some of the comments I read which seems to take light of death.

  12. aww man…I wish you would have warn me how disturbing the picture was.Now I’m gonna have trouble sleeping…it’s awfull!!

  13. Galferari, I totally disagree. Your comment states that just because it actually happened it isn’t deemed disturbing.
    If that’s the case, I guess I shouldn’t be disturbed by child pornography, gang rape, bloody murder, decapitation, shit-eating pornography etc. Why not put pictures of all of these on this blog? According to you It’s not disturbing because it actually happened, right?
    You are right on one point though, I am disturbed by the “fact” that this happens. As I am by the pictures depicting it. I wouldn’t be commenting if these were just words and not images. But these ARE very graphic you have to admit and not everyone enjoys takes pleasure viewing them.
    I don’t come here every morning to look at disturbing (yes, dammit, I’ll say it again!)pictures. I come here because I find this blog funny. If for some reason I wanted disturbing (and again!) pictures I would go to consumptionjunction because I would KNOW for a fact that that’s what they offer.
    Besides, I am entitled to my opinion, aren’t I? And my opinion is that these images are disturbing (just one last time!)

  14. I apologise for posting for such disturbing images. Yes, i agreed that everyone is entitle to their own opinion and we shall respect that person for it. I too disagree with Galferari’s remark of living with this inhumane rule because it exist. One should not die because of the crime they committed. They should however be locked away for life. This perhap might be a more humane method of punishing a person who has created a very serious crime such rape, murder…etc.

  15. Perhaps my words were a little too harsh. Perhaps too, I should’ve elaborated further on my statement. In which both, I offer my apology.
    Instead of the pictures posted, it is actually the situation (my emphasis, again) which I find disturbing. These pictures posted merely remind us of the existence of such gruesome events. Fellow N8, if we acknowledge such disturbing act are/were indeed practiced and deeply disapprove of it, why then deny the awareness this very post is merely creating? It is hence, I disagree to taking down the said pictures. A picture, after all, is worth more than a thousand words.
    I strongly applaud to the posting of this very post. This is indeed a positive move, if not a great one, to create awareness among many of us towards the existence of such ghastly activity. I must also stress that I am against any form of activity that takes away the life of another human being. Thank you, flush, for emphasising our comfortable lives. I will go along with the first part of your statement. Ahahaa…
    As for child pornography, gang rape, shit-eating pornography etc. I simply deem this distasteful.
    And all these are just my humble opinion.

  16. China still uses mass execution in forms of shooting. This is because it is easier to end the persons life as China has a huge population. It is still practised up to the late 90s. I am not sure about now. These photos are definitely not new. The photos are definitely dated back because of the photo quality and more of because that the Chinese Military Winter clothing have already been changed since 2004 to more stylo ones. Furthermore look at the pathetic pixelated quality of the photo..even hp camera also clearer now….definitely early 90s for me.

  17. i agree with galferari that something though horrific should not be clouded from our awareness if it is a manifestation of the real world that we do not have the opportunity to observe with our own eyes. as she says, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. N8 makes a good comparison to sick pornography etc.
    however it is my humble opinion that nowadays people are too shielded from the horrors of real life that we are getting too comfortable, too complacent, too pampered, and too arrogant. we think we’ve seen it all, we loathe to go under the hot sun, a little bit of emotional stress throws us off our mental stability.
    we need to toughen up, and it’s these visual reminders that can probably brings us back down to earth and serve as reminders of our comparitive luxury. all we see on TV nowadays is the lifestyle of the rich and famous, their fancy cars, the pen houses and the scantily clad female acquaintences, and that’s all we seem to care about.
    i’m not saying that we should applaud the screening of shit-eating headless naked bodies on TGV and GSC, but instead we should make ourselves aware of the existence of such atrocities, and know that there are much more sufferings in the world than our toothaches and high fevers, so we complain less, and contribute more. anyway, i think sick porn is different from this.

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