cris’s surprise lunch and law firm interview

Cris’s surprise lunch
We planned a surprise lunch to celebrate Cris’s promotion. Today’s lunch was supposed to be Cris and Jessie only at Maverick’s place while the rest would head down early to surprise him. Our plan was carefully laid out but there were some glitches with it. He somehow knew that we were there.

Cris: “Ahh, I knew you guys were here. It’s so obvious!”

Then suddenly, Sui Lin came out with a Blue Berry Cheesecake (Cris’s favourite) with the words “Congratulation CRISHAI!” on it. He blushed. Ha ha.

Read more @ Cris’s and pictures @ Sui Lin and Cris’s website

My first law firm interview
I went for an interview for an attachment job at K4marudin and Partners (law firm) today. Man, this is the most informal interview that I’ve ever been to (not that I’ve been to many interviews). Mr Steven, the managing partner of the firm, called me this morning and asks me to drop by his office for “a drink”. It doesn’t sound like an interview at all, so I wore a short sleeves collar t-shirt and jeans.

I’ve been trying to contact him this couple of days but he was pretty busy. Apparently this afternoon, he had lunch with the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki. And yesterday, he attended a function organised by the Deputy Prime Minister. Super big shot eh?

I sat down and had a little chat and then handed him my resume.

Mr Steven: So you’re good at computers eh?
Me: yeah, I’ve been using a computer since I was in standard 2.
Mr Steven: Ah good, well there are some problems with my email server bla bla bla virus infected my laptop bla bla bla, Can you take a look?

Instead of sitting down asking me questions like, “So, where do you see yourself in 5 years time” I ended up spending 1½ hour fixing the virus-infested laptop. It has Backdoor.Roxy virus, which is a pain in the ass to remove, and 2 other viruses. Backdoor.Roxy not a damaging virus but somehow it’s annoys Mr Stevens due to the Anti Virus Popups warnings. I had to surf the net to read the instructions on how to remove it cause the anti virus he was using couldn’t remove the virus.

Well, after deleting loads of values in the windows registry, the viruses seem to be gone. So after that, the interview resumed and Mr Steven said I could start work anytime. WOOhoO! I’ll be starting work next week! (Only if he calls to confirm) Now, I need to find a place to buy working clothes. 😀

16 thoughts on “cris’s surprise lunch and law firm interview”

  1. yeee.. dodgy!!! haha.. its like um u did this for me n um yeap here u go! heheh 😀 anyways congrats lelong leleong!!!

  2. I didn’t know my name changed to Mavericks… I came out with the cake la… *hehehe* Congrats… !! Now do we have to buy you a cake?

  3. botakx sure bo.. one can enuff for me la kekewendee: keke but im gonna shop at Full of Shit shop wo (FOS)…cheap shits keketq johlin kekegavin: for your info ah..chances of me getting paid are pretty slim la cause i’m just a attachment student.keek

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