Cumbria – The Lake District

Before the alarm clock rang, I was already awake. Wen Dee was screaming on the phone. Apparently, her boyfriend Billy forgot her birthday. I wanted to say something but she was still talking on the phone. I waited and within minutes I fell asleep.

We spend the whole day hiking. It was a long walk. We started off by hiking up a small hill that leads to a waterfall. According to the pamphlet that I was reading, it’s supposedly to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls around. But to me I think the waterfall back in Malaysia is much better.


The next destination was hiking up another hill by its muddy pathway. There were puddles of water everywhere. No one walked out from the pathway with dry shoes.


The next thing we had to do is brave through sheep dung. It looks like pea sized black coloured blue berries. It stinks of course.

We had cross a farm in order to get to the other side of the hill that leads to the Stone Circle. According to historians, the Stone Circle is 1000 years older than Stonehenge. Stonehenge is fascinating. No one really knows it was built. But for Stone Circle, even I build one. Its just couple of huge rocks arranged in a circle.
The trip was almost over after the disappointing Stone Circle trip. We walked to the city to meet up with the remaining MASSOC members.

Beautiful hills

Me, Ian, Kf, Matthew on top of the hills

Me, Shane & Wendee @ the Stone Circle

It was time to go home but we decided to make a quick stop at Keswick for dinner. On our way to Keswick, we passed some beautiful places. I was able to take a close look at the snowy mountains from the foothill and we passed a town with crystal clear water running through the river-cum-drain.


We looked for Chinese food as soon as we reached Keswick. There was one nearby but it wasn’t open. We ventured into the city but unfortunately there wasn’t even a Chinese takeaway. We ended up eating English food in a pub. I had a really bony smoked salmon.

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