damn my mandarin

Couple of days ago, Umeng and I were supposed to find this guy from China who did a terrible thing. Armed with courage, we adjourned to the asshole’s house. Our purpose wasn’t to beat him up but was to give him a warning.

Unfortunately, the asshole wasnt at home. Instead, a guy who is also from China was in his room. He didn’t recognise me even though my mum and I provided him with accomodation when he got kicked out from his house. Feeling pissed, I decided to pass a message through him to the asshole. Unfortunately again, I cant speak proper Mandarin. The conversation went on…

Me: Ni kan tau tar..(When you see him)
Boy: AH..
Me: Ni Ken tar Chiang (you tell him)
Boy: AH..

He kept on saying Ah with no expression

Me: Ni ming bai wo chiang zhe mek mah? (Do you understand me?)
Boy: AH..
Me: You are sohai (you’re a dumb ass)
Boy: AH..

Ungrateful bastard… He didn’t understand my Mandarin. He agreed on everything I said even the part about him being a dumbass.

We left the place feeling frustated as our mission failed miserably.

21 thoughts on “damn my mandarin”

  1. hahahahha… good man xes!!! i am reading it early in the morning, 8am and my room mate is looking at me one kind as i am laughing real loud!!! ahhahaha… what a new day for me!!

  2. Ni gen ta jiang, wo men hui da si ta :Pmy mandarin sux to the max but that was funny as hell hahahah…next time leave behind a warning with some spray paint on the wall la

  3. yo can bring me along. i wasn’t from chinese school but i can cari makan using my mandarin, i think.heh

  4. xes: He your personal accountant…………. or “personal assistant” ??? Anyways, should haf juz do it the Bruce Willis way,pour some petrol in his room and flick ur zippo lighter and while coolly saying” Yippie Kah Yeh Mother Fucker”, u chuck the already lit lighter into the petrol.He sure understand u no matter wat broken language u speak.

  5. lansi: thats why we left the place feeling frustrated le ehhe facky: keke actually there are more after that..lazy to tell only yummie: u laugh at everything hor? hehe shin: P&C hehe gguni: this one not as bad as “ARE U REMEMBER ME??”chell: oooh? new visitor? 😀 welcome welcome! lola: ops..it’s 406 PC 😀 Lainie: actually that’s my house as well keke Gavin: no way..noooo fucking way man hahaha ryuu: ok next time will call u..weapons provided, slash at willfrostie: yeah yeah we are old klang road pai kiawolfx: no la..kekeke yokie: keke tangkiu tanngkiuuu i am proud of my mandarinmichaelooi: no worries..loads of my friends cant speak mandarin at allterence: he has committeed a criminal offence

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