Day 2, Night time @ Seoul, South Korea

The sun was setting when we finished exploring Nandaemun. Seoul Tower, which is located on top of Nam San, was our next destination. One can opt to take the cable car or walk up to the tower. We took the cable car, as we were tired from walking the entire day.

We could get a picturesque view from the cable car and from the top of the mountain. However, we decided to enter Seoul Tower for a better view. There is an entrance fee for it, student price available but only applies to University students or below (post graduates not included! God damn!)

It was a foggy day. I was bloody frustrated with that. If it were not for the fog, we could see the mountains, which surround Seoul.

I was advised to wait till night time. We waited and it paid off. The night view of Seoul was excellent. A tripod would be great while talking pictures. However, beware of the reflection due to the glass panel.

Jane and I were laughing at a lady who works in the elevator of the tower. Her job was pressing buttons, look pretty and translate some stuff. Gee..what a boring job.

We had bibinba at the restaurant next to the cable car station at the foothill. It didn’t taste good as it consist only vegetables and rice! However, according to Jane, in Tokyo, they serve meat in bibinbas.

We walked around Myeong Dong before heading to Yeouinaru. Yeouinaru Station leads to the riverbanks of Han River. It’s also a lover’s spot and a lovely place to spend the night with your love one.

7 thoughts on “Day 2, Night time @ Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Hey, nice night scene. Especially watching it with ur special. 😉 Eh?? Pibinba in Korea dun hv meat? Hmm… now tat’s a new info for me. Yap, in Japan, they hv so many versions. Even got natto pibinba. And they call this lift lady ‘Elevator gal’. Heee… ai yah~ Korea n Japan got so many similarity.

  2. Hmm… just flipped back ur past posts. I was in Tokyo too 25th & 26th August, before fly to Taiwan for a trip. Ai yar~ if only read ur blog earlier, can meet up with u n Jane tat time liao. Sayang!

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