Dead Dog Island in Pulau Ketam

Stupid arr these Pulau Ketam people??? Of all things they send off, they sent off 300 dogs to a remote island. Send me some seafood better la tiu!!

So now some people have started an online campaign to raise funds and to recruit volunteers.

For more information, check out I suggest you look at the pictorial slideshow at It made me sad 🙁

To donate or help, e-mail TV Smith at or Sabrina Yeap at

3 thoughts on “Dead Dog Island in Pulau Ketam”

  1. hey.. i’m just as disgusted by the actions of such brainless people! if we were to throw somethin on that island, i suggest the mat rempits. useless degenerates that are worth less than dogs! sorry to sound so mean but i am furious. im so not proud to be a malaysian. sad.

  2. hi..thanks for telling the ppl outhere.. that the dogs need help. i feel very sad n heartbroken when i read bout the news. i did contribute to the kind lady sabrina.hoping she would help the doggies n save their lives.

    god bless the dogs.

  3. Eileen: wahaha yes we should send mat rempits instead!

    Elaine: we must thanl tv smith n sabrina for their great work.

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